Ceran field - which seal to use?

When you install a ceramic hob, the question often arises as to whether a seal is necessary and sensible. An answer to this question can be found in this article, which sealing materials are best suited for such purposes.

Necessity of sealing

Ceran fields can be designed differently, and be attached differently. If no fastening with brackets is provided (as with most cooking ranges of electric stoves) then in addition also a corresponding attachment of the ceramic hob in the hearth cut must be made.

A seal - no matter what kind - should always be done between ceramic hob and worktop. Installation without sealing is not professional. Occasionally Ceranfelder but also already have a rubber seal on its edge.

seal options

Especially among do-it-yourselferers various recommendations for a suitable sealing material for ceramic fields are circulating. In fact, not all materials are suitable. Possible are:

  • Sealing tapes (especially for ceramic fields!)
  • suitable silicone
  • Terostat (suitable product variant)

sealing tapes

Sealing tapes are a very good and very simple solution if the ceramic hob does not have its own gasket. They are available especially for the sealing of ceramic fields. The prices are moderate, in general you can expect for 2.50 m sealing tape prices around the 10 EUR.

Suitable silicone

Sanitary silicone is not suitable for the sealing of ceramic fields! It is essential to use a suitable high-temperature silicone. Silicone has the disadvantage that a later removal of the Ceranfelds (such as when changing the countertop) is very difficult and cumbersome. You should definitely remember this when using silicone.

Terostat (suitable product variant)

Terostat, which is available in many different product variants, is often used by kitchen studios for the installation and fixing of ceramic hobs. It is his special silicone with different properties depending on the version and additional adhesive effect. Terostat is also highly temperature resistant, but holds even better than silicone, a later removal of the ceramic field is so problematic.

Flush cooktops

If the ceramic hob surface is flush (ie flush with the surface of the worktop), the resulting joint must be sprayed professionally. Also you can use matching silicone.

Tips & Tricks

In order not to damage a ceramic hob during installation, it is always installed last in the kitchen. During installation, it is best to cover the ceramic hob with a cover for protection. If there is an oven underneath, it is absolutely necessary to install a heat protection plate!

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