Dispose of ceramics properly

In the household different types of ceramic waste accumulate, sometimes from completed construction projects, in many cases, but only due to a Küchenentrümpelung. Whether tiles, cups, plates, bowls, decorative figures or large ceramic plates: how best to dispose of ceramics environmentally friendly?

What is ceramics?

Ceramics are usually made of inorganic substances such as quartz, granite, metal oxides, sand and clay, which were fired at high temperatures. This mixture is not harmful to the environment. However, in addition to decorative ceramics, there are also technical ceramics that may contain admixtures.

Technical ceramics are extremely hard and have a surface that is almost completely closed against liquids. In contrast to purely decorative ceramics, it is hardly biodegradable.

Dispose of construction waste from ceramics

Ceramics are a common component of building waste and are usually mixed with other types of debris, such as concrete, brick, stone, mortar and plaster. These ceramic waste accumulate in the private sector:

  • bathtubs
  • shower trays
  • sink
  • toilet bowls
  • Tiles of all kinds
  • Oven tiles

Order a container from a specialist for larger quantities of construction debris. Pure ceramic waste is a valuable raw material that can often be recycled or otherwise reused. But also an admixture of other waste is not bad: This can be sorted in the recycling plant.

Dispose of decorative ceramics and dishes

If you have decorative ceramics, flower vases or dishes to dispose of, then do not use the glass container. Smaller quantities can be placed in the residual waste bin, larger ones are best taken to the nearest recycling center.

However, old pottery does not always have to end up in the rubbish: pieces without damage can be sold at a flea market or by a classified ad. Maybe a nearby social department store will accept your ceramics for free.

Tips & Tricks

Do you want to dispose of many damaged ceramic parts, such as broken plates and leaky flower vases? Use the bulletin board at the grocery store or an online classified ad and offer the items as breakawares for the next hen party.

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