Tinker chain: Create your own statement chain

A self-made statement necklace

Tinker chain: Create your own statement chain: create

Necklaces as trendy statement necklaces are currently very much in fashion. But why spend a lot of money if you can easily make your own chain. Just follow our instructions and create your own personal and unique statement necklace.

Statement necklaces are the name for particularly eye-catching XXL necklaces, which consist of extremely large single pearls and are worn short, close to the neck. This makes the statement chains real eyecatchers. Ideal for parties and evening events.

Material list for the homemade statement necklace

Tinker chain: Create your own statement chain: statement

  • Dremel® Engraver, diamond engraving point 9929
  • Dremel® VersaFlame ™
  • Dremel® 7700, SpeedClic ™
  • Mandrel SC402, Dremel
  • Polishing wheel 423S,
  • Polishing paste 421
  • Waxed cotton thread
  • glass beads
  • End caps
  • binding rings
  • Ring and bar closure
  • Precious Metal Clay silver clay (kneading silver)
  • Rivet pins silver
  • tongs

Step 1 - Put on beads

Tinker chain: Create your own statement chain: Tinker

Cut off a long thread and pull on the beads. Make a knot before and after each bead to fix it. Pull the beads to the desired length. Then attach the end caps, binding rings and the ring and bar fastener.

Step 2 - Wrap pearls with bead cap of kneading silver

Tinker chain: Create your own statement chain: statement

Unroll the kneading silver and wrap a bead around it to get a decorative bead cap (the clay shrinks a little when drying). At the top point, pierce a small hole in the bead cap. Burn the kneading silver after complete drying with the Dremel VersaFlame.

Tip: Apply a light coating on all surfaces that come in contact with the kneading silver, eg. As from olive oil or Vaseline, so that the kneading silver does not adhere.

Step 3 - Engrave bead caps

Tinker chain: Create your own statement chain: Tinker

Engrave a helical pattern on the silver bead cap with the Dremel Engraver (Diamond Engraving Tip 9929). Polish the bead cap with the Dremel 7700 (SpeedClic mandrel SC402 with the polishing pad 423S). For best results, apply some Dremel Polishing Paste 421. Put the bead on the rivet pin and attach the bead cap to the bead. Tighten the end of the rivet pin with a pair of pliers and fasten the pin in the middle of the chain. (Courtesy of Dremel)

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