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Purchase advice for chain lock comparison or test 2018

  • Chain locks are considered as safe as folding and padlocks, are also flexible, but also tend to be much heavier.
  • There are chain locks with keys as well as those with numeric code - depending on your taste, because some are better with one than with the other.
  • When buying, in addition to a sufficient length (at best over 100 cm), especially on a sufficiently large strength (of at least 9 mm) - in an expensive bike we recommend no less.

Chain lock comparison 2018: chain

According to a statistic of the Federal Criminal Police Office has become The number of stolen bicycles in Germany in the last 20 years, although significantly reduced (From a total of 514,000 thefts in 1995 over 437,000 in 2003 to 335,000 in 2015), but especially in large cities, it is still alarmingly high. By the way, Münster, Magdeburg, Halle (Saale), Potsdam and Kiel are among the most dangerous cities for bicycle owners (2015). per 100 inhabitants is here on average 1.3 to 1.8 inhabitants stole the bike.

Correspondingly large is the unabated demand for good bike locks, which make the potential thief with his bolt cutter as difficult as possible or even put him off in doubt. In the guide to our chain lock comparison 2018, we have with one particularly resistant bicycle lock variant Exactly explained. In addition to a presentation of the advantages and disadvantages of this type of castle, we also give you valuable tips for safe connection on the way.

1. The special feature of the chain lock

Bicycle lock variants en mass

Ultimately, no bicycle lock is 100% protected against theft - that is also known by Stiftung Warentest. The key question is: For the departure of which castle the thief decides? If your bike is in a row of other bikes, it may be enough if it is better protected than its neighbors.

The chain lock is valid in addition to folding lock and padlock as relatively safe - Especially in comparison to the extremely uncertain cable lock or spiral lock. If you really care about your bike, you should do without this type of lock.

There are many bicycle locks - so what makes one with a chain so special? First, it consists of several interlocked metal links, which can all be moved flexibly, which makes the use of the castle relatively comfortable.

Due to this design, it is usually easy to connect to a post, post, tree, fence and above all to street lamps - Static solid, non-moving structures in traffic should be your "best friends" anywaywhen it comes to finding a safe place to connect.

On the other hand are chain locks Although comparatively difficult, but for a good reasonEven with a good bolt cutter, even a rather cheap chain lock will not give up so quickly - keep in mind: the thief often has only a few seconds to reach his destination, and that's exactly what he loses in a durable wheel lock.

For a better overview, we have below the Advantages and disadvantages of chain locks summarized again:

  • relatively safe, because very robust and solid
  • flexible and flexible thanks to the chain system
  • Also suitable for doors, gates and fences
  • sometimes very difficult
  • sometimes susceptible to rust
  • Textile hose can potentially tear

2. The two types of locks of a chain lock

Chain lock with lock and keyChain lock with numeric code

Chain lock comparison 2018: lock

Chain lock comparison 2018: lock

Keys can be carried along the keychain
Keys can be re-ordered if lost
easy game for thieves in case of key theft
Connecting may take a little longer
fast connection
no key search
easy game for thieves if combination is known
less suitable for forgetful bike lock owners

Chain lock comparison 2018: 2018

This Chain lock of Kryptonite comes with a 15 mm thick padlock made of hardened special steel - plus 3 keys, one with integrated key illumination.

3. Purchase advice for chain locks: What you should pay attention

Before you buy a new chain lock, you should definitely take a closer look at the following criteria. In short, watch out for onesufficient flexibility Your personal chain lock test winner and a minimum of safety. In addition: The best chain locks are unfortunately not the lightest.

The safety of a bicycle lock is by far the most important criterion in the purchase decision of every cyclist. With chain locks the strength of the chain links is crucial, so that one can determine fundamentally: The thicker the links, the safer, but also heavier is the chain lock.

The chain lock models from our comparison have thicknesses between 5 and 14 mm - we recommend for one Minimum level of security on your new chain lock however a thickness of at least 9 mm.

Chain lock comparison 2018: lock

This chain lock by ABUS is with 140 cm above average length.

3.2. Handling and agility

In addition to the hardness or severity of the castle are on the one hand a easy to use and on the other hand a the greatest possible flexibility important factors, if not the decisive ones. While, for example, a padlock can be easily mounted on the bicycle frame due to its structural shape, this is not so easy with a heavy chain lock, especially if you drive an otherwise very light road bike and then wrap it around the seat post.

To be able to tie your bike with the chain lock as comfortably as possible to other objects (lanterns, fences, piles, etc.), you should pay attention to the length: We recommend at least a length of 100 cmso it does not get too tight.

Tip: The weight of the chain locks can vary greatly and ranges from the models in our chain lock comparison from 0.7 to a full 5 kg, If the lock is too heavy for the frame of your bike, you can easily carry it in your backpack or on the luggage rack, if available.

3.3. Manufacturers and brands

Abus and Kryptonite - by far the best-known brands in bicycle locks - also pay for the name.

Other less known manufacturers include the following:

  • On-Guard
  • Red Cylcing
  • Axa
  • nean
  • infactory
  • Filmer

Chain lock comparison 2018: 2018

Choose a solid anchor to connect your bike, for example, a lantern or a fence (as shown in the picture).

4. Tips for proper connection

Even if you have decided on a chain lock, the selection is still great. Many manufacturers also produce not only several types of bicycle locks, but also various variations of a kind. However, basic security measures apply to all locks. The most important advice we have listed here:

  • Choose a location that is public and as good as possible - Backyards and side streets are rather unsuitable. By contrast, libraries and public spaces are usually a good idea.
  • Find a safe and firmly anchored to the ground bracket, at best, a corresponding bicycle bar, a street sign or a lantern. If necessary, a (sufficiently stable) tree, a stake or a pillar are sufficient.
  • Fix your lock so that it the frame, the rear wheel and the fixed bracket encloses - never (alone) connect the front wheel!
  • Always make sure you have the bike key with you - at best, attach it to your regular keyring. Also keep the spare key well; preferably in a separate place at home.

The Residence in general is not to be underestimated. To connect a bike with a simple spiral cable lock around the Kottbusser Tor in Berlin is certainly much more negligent than leaving it in a small town completely unfinished in front of the local bakery.

Chain lock comparison 2018: 2018

Even the best chain lock can not resist the right tool - especially if the thief has enough time (and usually just 1 to 5 minutes).

5. Questions and answers about chain locks

5.1. For emergencies: How to break a chain lock best?

If you have forgotten the key to the chain lock at home or even the PIN or the number code (because you just bought the lock again) and even can not find the spare key, there are only two solutions left:

  • You contact the manufacturer and hope for good (but quite expensive) service
  • You open your lock yourself (especially if it's really rushing)

The following video gives some tips:

Chain lock comparison 2018: chain

If you have a backpack with you, for example, on a bike trip with friends, it can also be used to store the bike lock.

5.2. Can I also use a chain lock for a motorcycle, for example?

Sufficiently long chain locks with a thickness of at least 10 mm can also be used to attach your motorcycle or scooter or scooter. Basically: The higher the value of your bike, the more you should spend on the safest possible lock. A rickety Swabian, for example, hardly requires a 14 mm thick Kryptonite chain lock with titanium reinforcement.

5.3. Where do I keep my chain lock best?

While lighter chain locks (under 2 kg) can usually still be easily fastened to the frame itself, this becomes more difficult with heavier models (and some models weigh less than 5 kg). With many cyclists is in addition to the storage in the backpack the authentic wearing of the lock as a chain around the neck very popular. For the sake of your health (and especially your back), you should reduce this to short distances or refrain as far as possible from heavy locks (from approx. 3 to 4 kg).

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