Relieve chain - how do you do that best?

The bicycle chain is one of the parts on the bike that can set rust very quickly. This is especially true if it was not always sufficiently oiled or greased during operation. Rust on the chain also affects the power transmission negative, also can tear the chain easily. How to de-rust a chain, and if that's worth it, you can read here.

Cost of a chain exchange

New chains usually cost between 6 and 15 euros. The assembly is not a problem with the appropriate tool, and is often done by the bike trade as a courtesy.

It is therefore questionable whether the effort for rust removal is worthwhile at all, since most de-rusting agents are already more expensive than a new chain. However, if de-rusting agents are available anyway, you can at least try it.

Suitable cleaning agents

If the chain has not yet rusted heavily, there are a number of cleaning agents that may be present in the household:

  • Mineral spirits or benzene
  • petroleum
  • WD 40
  • cola
  • oxalic acid

In all detergents, the chain should be inserted for several hours, with coke and petroleum recommend one to two days. Then the chain can be brushed clean with a brush. The rust should then be completely removed.

After derusting, be sure to lubricate the chain thoroughly before reassembling. Without chain grease, the chain can rust again very quickly.

Cola, which contains phosphoric acid, acts like a rust converter. It also provides protection against re-rusting of the chain. Without chain grease this protection remains ineffective or only low.

Clean sprockets

Often, dirt and rust on the sprockets in the first cause, that the chain is rusting. Therefore, if possible, when cleaning the chain, you should also clean the sprockets. So a round run and a good power transmission is guaranteed. Moreover, sprockets can not be exchanged as cheaply as a chain.

Tips & Tricks

Chain grease and chain spray should always be used regularly on every bike. Especially with mountain bikes that pollute quickly when they are driven off-road, cleaning and greasing are more often required.

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