Chainsaw does not start - what to do?

If the chainsaw does not start, it's time to start troubleshooting. What you can do in detail, what causes can be found, and how to properly check the chainsaw, you will learn in this post.

Troubleshooting and start attempts

As a rule, every chain saw requires two to three start attempts during a cold start. This is normal and not a sign of damage. Even with a warm start, occasionally two to three attempts may be necessary.

If the chainsaw does not start after four to five attempts, it is time to start troubleshooting. Too many unsuccessful start attempts damage the chainsaw and lead to high wear of the saw. You should definitely avoid this and get up early to troubleshooting.

Check in advance

First, check after the instructions for use, whether you have actually carried out the start attempt according to the manufacturer's specifications. This is important because chainsaws can contain different controls, and sometimes special adjustments need to be made to individual models.

Then check the two fluid levels:

  • Fuel mixture
  • Chain oil

The fuel mixture (a mixture of engine oil and fuel) must be of sufficiently high quality and in the correct mixing ratio (usually 1:25 or 1:50 - ie 1 part oil and 25 or 50 parts gasoline).

Too old fuel that has been in the chainsaw too long may lose its quality. Of course, make sure that there is enough fuel at all.

With chain lubricating oil you should check whether the container is actually full. This should be a habit before every start attempt anyway to avoid damage to the chainsaw.

Possible causes for non-response

The chainsaw does not work - common causes are:

  • Air filter dirty
  • Spark plug sooty, needs to be cleaned
  • clogged fuel strainer
  • Carburetor dirty, must be cleaned
  • Carburettor set incorrectly

In the worst case may also be an engine failure. If there is a piston seizure, starting is impossible. Engine damage can also be caused by overloading, wear of the saw or by wrong fuels.

Tips & Tricks

Just old fuel is often overlooked as a cause - but actually very often leads to starting difficulties. Be sure to always and especially to use only high quality and suitable fuel.

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