Chain saw: Check and adjust chain lubrication

The saw chain oil is extremely important for a power saw, and is consumed very quickly. In some cases it may be necessary to adjust the lubrication. How this works, and what this serves, is explained in detail in this article.

Function of the saw chain oil

The chain oil provides minimal friction between the chain and the rail groove. If the lubrication is too low, the rail will wear very quickly and the chain will be damaged as well.

The oil consumption of a chainsaw is often underestimated - even in relatively normal operation, a saw consumes about 0.4 l of oil per operating hour. Checking the oil level and refilling the oil regularly are very important.

Oils and viscosity

Saw chain oils contain both mineral oil and vegetable oil based products without harmful additives. In the professional forestry work, these organic oils are generally prescribed because they are completely biodegradable and produced without hazardous environmentally harmful additives, and are also not hazardous to water. The disadvantage of these oils, however, is their tendency to "harden" and become sticky. The amount of oil must therefore - in sawing where that is possible - always be readjusted a little.

This is true even if you use rapeseed oil or other edible oils. They can easily be used for sawing with short swords. However, their viscosity and adhesion are significantly lower than those of industrially produced saw chain oils, so the amount of oil must always be readjusted in this case.

Checking the chain lubrication

It is best to check the correct setting by holding the saw with the tip of the rail about 20 cm above a light surface. After about 30 seconds, there should be an oil spill on the surface when the chain is running. If the oil trace appears earlier, the lubrication is set too high, if no oil trace is visible, the lubrication must be set higher.

The readjustment of adjustable oil lubrication is slightly different for each model, see the operating instructions of your saw best.

Tips & Tricks

Never expose yourself to the oil mist - this can lead to health problems.

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