Power saw has a butt - what to do?

If the chain saw has a piston seizure or announces itself, that's a big problem. What can be the cause, and what you can do in such a case, read in detail in this post.

Causes of piston eaters

Basically, the reason for a "Verreiber" (as the piston eater so aptly mentioned in Austria) is that the tread of the piston has not enough lubrication. There is so much friction between the cylinder wall and the piston that a so-called "friction welding" occurs - the piston and cylinder are so tightly connected that the engine stops immediately and the piston stops moving.

With chainsaws it is often pointed out that a wrong mixture is the main cause for piston eaters. That is not true, however. Caulifers can also have many other causes:

  • Dirt that has got into the engine
  • Material defect in the material of piston or cylinder
  • wrong engine setting
  • too little cooling
  • leaky shaft seal

Remedy of a pest eater

Basically you CAN usually repair piston eaters. In the specialized trade such repairs are quite carried out - however, is always the question, whether financially worthwhile. Occasionally, replacements are offered, which are significantly cheaper than the original components - about the quality, however, there are always divided opinions.

In any case, you should be aware that you need a very high level of expertise for such a repair. It does not do any good to replace the parts, it must also be the cause of the piston eater found and professionally eliminated. Otherwise, the repair is free - the next piston eater then reappears in no time.


  • regular maintenance of the chainsaw
  • regular checks of carburetor settings
  • Use the right mixture, preferably alkylate petrol

Tips & Tricks

Make sure that individual retailers insist that they only use their own oils and fuels and otherwise have problems with warranty processing. A relevant note is always to be found in the operating instructions of the respective device.

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