Power saw goes off when it's warm - why can this be?

If the chain saw runs out frequently at operating temperature, the problem is often tricky and difficult to find. What this can often be and what you can do to fix it, read this post.

Basic cause research

First, as with all problems with running and problems with starting the chainsaw, you should check the basic things:

  • Check the spark plugs thoroughly
  • Check and clean the air filter
  • check the idling speed
  • Check mixture
  • exchange old fuel

Especially the idle speed is important in this case. Chainsaws generally turn slightly higher when cold, but the idling speed drops after that when the engine warms up. To be on the safe side, you can set the idle speed slightly higher (as we have described here) and see if that fixes the problem.

carburetor problems

If all problems with the ignition, the air supply and the fuel supply has been safely excluded, it is natural to think of a carburetor problem. Cleaning the carburettor can help, otherwise a more thorough inspection is necessary

In particular, the compression should be checked - if it is too low, it is obvious why the saw goes out. Usually, the compression increases as the engine gets warmer - if it does not, there is certainly a problem. Such problems can only be solved by a professional repair.

Tips & Tricks

In most cases, the problem is likely to be directly on the spark plug. For safety's sake, you can also replace the spark plug directly, as this means no great effort. The search for carburetor problems and the measurement of compression, however, already, as you have to do it in the shops. The expensive repair costs can be saved in many cases, if it is only an easy problem to be solved.

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