Power saw - which mixture has to be used for the fuel?

Time and again there are uncertainties with chainsaws with regard to the right mixture in the tank. You can either mix fuel yourself, or fall back on ready mixes. What chain saws need in the tank, and what you should do with a wrong mixture in the tank, read in this post.

Mix gasoline yourself

Gasoline chainsaws are powered by a two-stroke engine. This means that the fuel must be a mixture of gasoline and oil. Since the tank of the chain saw usually fits very little mixture, and you usually smaller canisters (5l) used, it is worth to buy the oil in small bottles (about 100 ml bottles). Two-stroke engine mixture oil must be used.

Which gas?

Usually one uses either Super or Super Plus. Always make sure that the chainsaw has a catalytic converter (this is the case with many newer models). In such a case you may only use unleaded petrol!

Super gasoline is best, but you should not use gasoline with an octane rating of less than 90.

Mixing ratio during self mixing

Usually the mixing ratio for most chainsaws is 1:50 - that is, 1 part oil per 50 parts gasoline (or 100 ml oil in a 5 liter can gasoline). Older chainsaws may require a different mixing ratio in individual cases, but this is always stated in the operating instructions.

Some chainsaws also require a mix ratio of 1:25 because they are designed for TC classification. Always make sure to use the right mixture.

Two-stroke fuel

You can also buy finished two-stroke fuel in the right mix ratio. Then save yourself the self-mixing.

This fuel is often so-called "alkylate gasoline" which is produced very environmentally friendly and provides significantly better engine performance. It is often sold under the name ASPEN 2.

Wrong fuel in the tank

If you have a wrong mixture, do not use the saw, not even for a short time. Just empty the old fuel back into the canister (funnel) and refill with new fuel. This is usually enough. You may need to clean the spark plug if the chainsaw is not running.

Tips & Tricks

Also always make sure that fuel is not in the tank for too long. Old fuel may be the reason that the chainsaw starts badly or does not start or rotates. On the other hand, smoking it is often a sign of a wrong mixture (too much oil in the gas). But that can also have other causes.

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