Power saws - the well-known brands

Chainsaws are like sand on the sea. In some European countries one almost thinks every household owns one. The number of manufacturers is still not that big, and really well-known and proven names are actually only a handful. An overview of the most important brands is provided by this article.

Bestselling designs

The best-selling chainsaws are by far gasoline saws. In contrast, other drives in the private sector are more of a shadowy existence:

  • electrically driven chainsaws are still occasionally found
  • Chainsaws powered by compressed air are very rare
  • Hydraulically driven chainsaws are virtually impossible

The most used in the private sector are classic hand-held chainsaws for woodworking, ironing chainsaws or similar special shapes are hardly found. However, some manufacturers (see the end of this article) are working on specific designs and technologies that could be more common in the future.

brand loyalty

Many chain saw users only buy one brand their entire life. Brand loyalty is usually quite high, and most swear by "their" brand. But there is always a lot of personal preference and less actual technical superiority or superior durability. Actually existing fan clubs exist but only with the two top brands Dolmar and Stihl.

Top Brands

The name Stihl is almost synonymous with "chainsaw". This (how could it be otherwise) Swabian family business exists since 1926, until today Stihl has branches in more than 160 countries. For chain saws Stihl is the most sold brand.

The well-known Bosch brand is the sales leader in electric chain saws. The sales figures are far below those of Stihl in the electric chain saws, but as a brand Bosch is very popular and is prized above all for its reliability.

Just behind the two favorites ranks the company "Dolmar", whose name is still a familiar term to most people. The company is the oldest manufacturer of chain saws and offers both electric and petrol driven models. The saws are known mainly because of their low fuel consumption and high torque at relatively low speeds.
Other top manufacturers are:

  • Husqvarna
  • Einhell
  • echo
  • McCulloch
  • Oregon
  • solo

Innovative manufacturer

Dolmar is also one of the truly innovative manufacturers in the industry. At the moment work is being done to replace the already almost classic two-stroke engine of the saws with a four-stroke engine. That would be an absolute novelty in the industry.

The lesser-known Italian manufacturer EMAK already sells a direct-injection engine for chainsaws.

The forerunner for the chain saw was Stihl - he had already installed it in his equipment in 1988. Meanwhile, many other manufacturers have followed suit, from 2019, the catalyst will then be indispensable for all chainsaws, as even then legal maximum emissions are valid for these devices.

Tips & Tricks

More important than the chainsaw brand is maintaining and maintaining a saw for durability, functionality, performance and durability.

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