Relocating chair causes very variable costs

When calculating the cost of relocating chairs, the degree of cushioning that may be required must be assessed. The mere stretching of a coating on an intact carrier such as a seat or armrest shell is quick. A chair with cushioned or sagged upholstery can be expensive.

From the folding chair to the throne

A chair pad ranges from bulging soft surfaces of a throne to fabric covers on solid seats. As different as the building types are, so vary the cost of the newly refer. The decisive assessment criterion is the ratio of chair price to repair effort. As a rule of thumb, purchasing costs of up to one-third of the original price can be considered a worthwhile investment.

It is difficult to score a chair value on older lover specimens or even antiquarian pieces of furniture. Possible during refurbishment and restoration are comfort improvements. When buying a new and improved lining is attached, which counts to professional upholstery. "Buttoned" upholstery surfaces, as known and popular by the typical English wingback chairs, are referred to in the jargon as rhombic stitching.

Cheap variants

The simplest covers are exchanged without changing the substructure. Garden chairs and sun loungers are usually this type. The cheapest upholstery service companies offer the new cover from twenty euros per chair. When an office chair is relocated, most providers charge between fifty and a hundred euros.

Upholstery included

With multi-layered and thick upholstered inlays we always need a certain amount of upholstery with the new cover. Since the "inner life" must be brought into Fasson before a new cover can be attached, the cost of obtaining a higher-quality chair from about 200 euros. In principle, there are no limits to the top and the upholstering of a valuable antique Biedermeier chair can cause four-digit costs. Common and typical price factors are:

  • lacing
  • node
  • wrap
  • spring repair
  • Stuffing and filling material
  • Borders
  • metal tags
  • seam reduction

Tips & Tricks

If you want to improve upholstery again, you can ask vendors for foam upholstery rather than professional upholstery. Often there is a cheaper option that is less durable, but does not make a difference in everyday use for some time.