Decorate chair creatively and imaginatively

Who says that a chair only has to live its life as a nasty chair? Pretty design ideas turn a sober appearance into a playful or style-defining home accessory with little effort. Not only colors and fabrics are helpful means to turn a common chair into a favorite throne.

Frame design

Representations and color choices can give a chair a completely new character without any structural changes. Both painting and painting as well as gluing create attractive, unique and extraordinary looks. Motif ideas for the application of paint are available in abundance:

  • "Biting" color combinations of non-complementary colors
  • Fluorescent colors that make the chair glow in the dark
  • Rainbow colors in curved lines
  • "Cow marks" in classic black and white or colorful
  • Tablecloth that allows alternating labeling and painting with chalk
  • Sponge, swabbing and wiping technique
  • Face on back and adjoining upper body on the seat

Even more extensive are the possible motives by gluing. Self-adhesive film and stickers can be used in exactly the same way as any paper product that can be saturated with wallpaper paste and fixed. Conceivable are:

  • Old newspaper pages possibly with prominent headlines
  • On plain paper printed images from the family or holiday album
  • Tailored wall tattoos
  • Other printing works of all kinds

A special design option is the painting with a spray can and stencils. In a short time, abstract or representational motives can be applied. The stencils can depict geometric patterns or represent tendrils and silhouettes.

Additional decorative elements

Additions to the frames and upholstery open up further decoration possibilities:

  • Sew chair covers that have eyes, ears and arms
  • Sew chair cushions that extend over the seat
  • Attach an old pair of shoes filled with construction foam to the front legs of the chair
  • Attach fringes to the seat frame
  • Wrap the chair legs in 360 degrees with strings, cords or gift ribbon
  • Attach brackets for drinks, flower vases or tubes to the backrest sides
  • Frame with jewelry pendants, even bells conceivable

Tips & Tricks

When beautifying your chairs, you should always keep an eye on the utility value of the chair. Clatter and imbalance disturb every time you sit down. Too sensitive "Aufmotzen" leads to usability, which interferes with everyday life.

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