An upholstered armchair: Where are the costs?

The upholstery of the old, cherished armchair have sat through, but the good piece is otherwise stable? Throwing away is not necessary in this case, a new upholstery helps. Thus, the favorite chair also receives a new reference, which fits the current home furnishings. How much is the upholstery of a chair?

An upholstered chair is high-quality handmade

The upholstery of a chair is real manual work. Learned upholsterers deliver high-quality results that are not comparable to their own work. Each new upholstery is unique, there is no mass processing according to "Scheme F".

Therefore, a new poltering including cover is not favorable. For a beautiful old armchair, the investment is certainly worthwhile, especially if there is no more furniture to buy.

What does the upholsterer take for his work?

The total price of upholstery work on an armchair is composed of several items that we would like to briefly list for you here:

  • Partly dismantle furniture
  • Remove cover and upholstery professionally
  • Armchair upholstery
  • Armchair relate
  • new cushioning material
  • new fabric covers
  • other material such as Buttons

On average, the upholsterer works on a newly upholstered chair about 8 to 10 working hours. With an hourly wage of 50 to 70 EUR he calculates for his work thus 400 to 700 EUR.

Added to this are the material costs, which vary greatly depending on the quality. A high quality mohair suede as a new cover costs about 15 EUR per square meter, but also holds for many years. Expect at least 50 EUR material costs.

Newly restrain Grandma's wing chair: a cost example

Grandma's old wing chair has lasted 50 years, now it has to be padded for the second time. The old lady decides in addition to the classic padding of horsehair and springs for a new fabric of medium price in a checked look.

Cost overviewprice
1. Material costs150 EUR
2. Cushion and upholster the chair550 EUR
total700 EUR

Pay attention to warranty!

Many upholsterers guarantee their work, even high-quality fabrics can be guaranteed. Inquire before placing an order!

Tips & Tricks

You may also be able to cushion a simply cut chair model yourself. Take foam padding and a good guide to hand.

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