Build a chair from a Euro pallet

Euro pallets can be used to build furniture of all kinds. It can be decided between intentional optical recognition of Europallette or a disguised substructure. The standard dimensions of a Euro pallet are sufficient for the construction of a chair in normal dimensions. Backrest and seat can be upholstered firmly or loosely.

Spacer pads decide on effort

The specific construction of a Euro pallet is ideal for building a chair. The standard width of the pallet is eighty centimeters. The halved value of forty centimeters is suitable as a comfortable sitting and leaning area width. The pallet is separated in the middle of the length to automatically create this chair width.

The only technically demanding task to build the chair yourself is the sharing or displacement of the spacer blocks between the two slats of the Euro pallet. Basically, the pallet must be largely dismantled. If the spacer blocks can be separated with a saw, the effort is limited.

How to build a chair out of a Euro pallet

  • Nails or screws
  • grinding machine
  • metal brackets
  • screw
  • clippers
  • Saw with high cutting depth (at least ten centimeters)
  • hammer
  • Wrench
  • Filing and rasping
  • grinding machine

1. Split in the middle

In the simplest case, the pallet is split longitudinally in the middle with a saw. You have to cut through the middle strips on the lower and upper levels. With a deep cutting depth, you can separate the three middle blocks in the same operation. Pay attention, however, to nails or blind nails, which can be broken in the wood stuck.

2. Dentailing

To enable the ability to divide with the saw, pull all the nails. Then fix the pallet on a flat work surface before halving.

3. chair assembly

In addition, split one half across. Now you have three components from which you can assemble a chair. The long half forms the "back wall" with leaning surface. In the middle you attach the seat, which is supported by the third component as a foot part. For attachment, you can choose direct nailing or use metal brackets.

Tips & Tricks

Self-sewn chair cushions can form the padding loosely or fastened. If you are sewing chair covers, you can make a complete cover or partial covering according to your taste.

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