Glue chair and eliminate squeaking or wobbling

First, squeezing a wobbly or squeaky chair after a quick job sounds easy. A satisfactory and lasting result, however, depends on the thoroughness. The more completely the chair is disassembled, the more the user benefits from restoring all the restraints.

First squeak, then wiggle

The first indication that glued component connections begin to loosen on a chair is a squeak in use. As a next increase, a chair usually starts to wobble. At least now, a thorough repair is required to avoid breakage.

The component connections of a chair consist either of slots in which pins stuck or holes in the wooden dowels are inserted. Often there are additional glands, for example by stabilizing metal angle. Before gluing these fixtures must be completely removed.

Decisive pressure

The durable and durable sizing result depends crucially on the dehydration of the wood glue under pressure. Permanent and firm pressure of glued dowels, holes and pins are produced by screw clamps. They should be chosen in size and design so that the glued connections are pressed together as possible in the longitudinal axis.

How to glue your chair successfully

  • wood glue
  • Possibly polyurethane adhesive for wood
  • rubber hammer
  • clamps
  • file
  • Small chisel and / or chisel
  • Wallpaper knife or cutter
  • hairdryer
  • helper

1. Disassembly

First loosen all screwed connections and remove support brackets or other stabilizers on the chair construction. After disassembly, only components connected by gluing should be present.

2. Disconnect glue joints

All glued connections are in principle put together. Hold both sides of the joint. "Hammer" the joints opposite to the direction of insertion with light strokes of a rubber hammer. For unruly connections, you can use the wallpaper knife to cut the joint crevices. Can also help a heating by a hair dryer.

3. Clean the glue carrier

Clean dowels, holes, slots and spigots with the cutter and / or chisel of old glue residue.

4. Reseal

Apply the glue according to the manufacturer's instructions. Fix the chair in its entirety with a straight stand on all glued components with screw clamps.

Tips & Tricks

If you build a chair yourself, you can glue in stages. You should follow an axis direction during each drying process.

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