Work up chairs to create the former or a new state

The amount of work to be done when working up a chair does not only depend on the condition. The intended refurbishment target, both visually and technically, plays just as large a role. The scope of refurbishment ranges from the production of an original condition to redesign and technical overhaul.

Two workspaces

The goal in refurbishing an old chair is beautification in any case. In this case, a new look can be sought or restore the original state can be achieved again. The work areas are divided into two main areas, provided that no mechanically movable functions are present:

  • Covers and upholstery of seating and leaning surfaces
  • Frame construction in optics and statics

Shell and skeleton

A normal chair consists of four chair legs, a seat frame, a backrest and cross braces. Depending on the design, an unpadded seat and backrest made of wood is available. Sitting and leaning surfaces can consist of cross bars or longitudinal direction. In these cases, a subsequent attachment of firm padding during refurbishment is possible.

All frame components made of metal or wood can be processed in different ways:

  • A sanding or sanding creates the prerequisite to apply a new coat of paint.
  • With the stripping stubborn old colors are solved, which is necessary especially when exposing original surfaces.
  • If the chair wobbles or squeaks, in addition to the tightening of screwed, the re-glue or first-time glueing helps.

Optical appearance and surfaces

To decorate a chair and remove traces of use, painting or painting is the first choice.

  • If wood or metal should appear in the material-typical decor, a transparent coating or an oil or wax treatment can be applied to wood.

Supplements and comfort elements

Braids and textile upholstery can be processed in several ways:

  • The chairs are newly covered.
  • The upholstery is dismantled and cleaned.
  • Supplements such as newly padded upholstery elements can increase the seating comfort.
  • Self-sewn chair covers can be thrown over.

Tips & Tricks

Even chairs made of simple wood can transform you with high-quality fabrics and finishes to noble-looking seating. The skeleton "disappears" as a static substructure under qualitatively convincing "chair tuning".

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