Build your own changing table attachment - that's how it works

The little ones only have to be wrapped for a few years. As a rule, the purchase of a changing table is hardly worth it. If you have a matching chest of drawers in your baby's room, you can simply build a changing table mat yourself.

Right height

Important is a suitable chest of drawers at the right height. In order to be able to work well and, above all, safely, one can assume the guidelines for desk heights.

The dresser itself offers enough storage space for:

  • diapers
  • wipes
  • Baby's clothes
  • towels

Execution of the essay

Ideally, the changing table top should consist of a stable plate bounded on three sides. The size of 50 x 60 cm is generally well-chosen, but you can also build your changing table attachment larger.

changing pad

The construction should definitely have a soft, water-repellent and body-warming changing mat. You can buy such pads in most baby equipment stores.

Lacquer, glue and wood

For the construction of furniture and furniture parts are best suited glued wood panels. Then you should sand the glued wood thoroughly and very smooth and paint with a suitable paint. Paint for children's room furnishings should have at least the following characteristics:

  • solvent-free
  • Pollutant-free (no formaldehyde, no VOCs)
  • touch dry
  • saliva
  • highly resistant to abrasion

As a rule, acrylic paints are very suitable for this purpose. They are water-based and also pollutant-free (Blue Angel). In addition, you usually do not need a separate primer, but can use acrylic paints directly as a primer, intermediate coat and top coat (one-pot system).

The same conditions apply to glue: it should be absolutely free of pollutants and solvents.

Build a changing table mat - step by step

  • 2 pieces of wood as side parts
  • 1 back part (may be omitted if the changing table support is directly against the wall)
  • 1 wooden plate as a support
  • suitable paint
  • wooden dowels
  • suitable glue
  • Changing pad
  • drilling machine
  • jigsaw
  • screwdriver
  • Brush or paint roller (alternatively sprayer)
  • sharpener

1st cut

Cut the plate and the two side parts and the back part to match. If you buy wood in the hardware store, you can possibly do the cutting for you there as well.

2. Assembly

Drill holes for the wooden dowels and glue the wooden dowels. Put the side parts and the back part on the support plate and glue them all the way through.

3. Sanding and painting

Sand the entire overlay thoroughly, round off the edges and paint the overlay with the appropriate glue. Let it dry and place it on the changing table cushion.

Tips & Tricks

Of course you can also buy a finished changing table attachment. As a rule, you have to expect prices between 35 and 60 EUR. For many furniture store dressers, these essays are even apt.

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