Build a chic couch of pallets yourself

Pallets have become a wonderful base material to create all sorts of pieces of furniture out of it. Not only the garden bench, the coffee table and the bed are made by the astonishingly aesthetic transport helpers for some DIY fans, but also many sofas shine in modern pallet design.

Smart: That's why a pallet couch is so handy!

With a bit of luck, Euro pallets are available for as little as € 5 and they are just the right size for building seating: they are 120 cm long, 80 cm wide and 14.4 cm high.

Three pallets on top of each other give the appropriate seat height for an adult, alternatively, two pallets worked with a 15 cm thick pad. Two pallet widths make for a pretty two- to three-seater, a raised pallet in the back invites you to lean on.

The wood of these standardized »building blocks« proves to be extremely robust in practice and easily lasts several decades. With a high-quality paint, the surface is even water-resistant. In addition, pallet wood can be processed quite easily.

Short instructions: How to build your couch out of pallets yourself!

You have already stocked up with Euro pallets? We'll give you a few helpful tips for building your cozy and inexpensive DIY couch on the way:

  • First, dedicate yourself to the individual pallets: If you would prefer to have closed surfaces, fill in the gaps with appropriately sawn boards from the specialist timber trade.
  • If you want smooth surfaces, then you reach for the sanding tool - and for a pretty colourfulness, take a brush and paint pot to hand.
  • Euro pallets have a high weight: If you put your sofa on wheels, you can move it easier after completion, for example, for thorough floor cleaning.
  • With pre-drilled metal sheets, the pallets can be connected very easily, simply screw on a few steel angles for the backrest and hide under cushions afterwards.
  • Tailored upholstery for a couch made of pallets is available from many suppliers, and this trend has been in existence for some years. Of course, if you want, you can also use padding material, needle and thread yourself.

Tips & Tricks

Fill your home-made upholstery with micro-beads that are commonly used in bean bags. Use a zipper to add new material at any time.

Product Image: Mikhail Gnatkovskiy / Shutterstock