Chic, fresh look: redeploying an old staircase

The old staircase does not look really good, but is still fully functional? In this case, there is no need to replace the stairs, a retread sure sufficient. The staircase is covered with a material of your choice and thus gains a whole new look. For this type of renovation different materials are available.

Refurbish the stairs with these materials

Different materials are suitable for cladding old stairs, which in turn influence the appearance, feel and, in part, the staircase security. These materials are very popular:

  • Wood: natural look, warm foot feel, many woods to choose from, increased care
  • Laminate: inexpensive, relatively easy to assemble, many different decors, easy to clean
  • Natural stone: heavy material (pay attention to statics!), Particularly noble, relatively expensive, easy to clean, foot-cold, polished surfaces can be slippery
  • Artificial stone: cheaper than natural stone, possibly lighter, looks real stone relatively noble, easy to clean
  • Tiles: many different types of tiles to choose from, different price segments, possibly self-laying, foot-cold, possibly slippery
  • Liquid plastic: painting for concrete and stone stairs, many different decors, also with non-slip surfaces, easy to apply, soft surface, easy to clean

The alternative: double up steps

A not quite as extensive measure as the complete disguising of the stairs represents the doubling of the steps. Here are new appearances, including the appropriate profiles, set on the stairs. So they cover worn steps.

If you repaint cheeks, vertical risers and railings, the result is a chic new look. Remember to eliminate any possible stair creaking before doubling up!

How much is the receipt of the stairs?

The average price for occupying a 15-step staircase is about 2,500 EUR, is still the stair string added, is expected to 1,000 EUR more. However, there are large price differences for the individual staircase shapes and the materials used.

Anyone who has the stair railing and the handrail reworked and may need to visually adjust a landing stage will of course have to reckon with additional costs. There are also regional price differences.

Tips & Tricks

Step mats, which are not expensive and easy to remove, help against slippery steps. Especially when children or senior citizens are in the house, the small carpets provide extra security.

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