Child safety on the balcony

The balcony is a potential source of danger for children. Therefore, you should never rely on a single parental lock just when securing the balcony. Below we give you tips on how to make a balcony optimally child-safe.

Children do not think about dangers

Children are not really aware of dangers. In addition, especially in younger children also motor skills and body balance are not very well developed. In addition, children have an almost unbraked curiosity, which quickly makes forget even the harshest ban. While windows, sockets or the kitchen stove can be well secured with appropriate means, it is already a bit more difficult with balconies.

Risks for children on the balcony

You have a balcony with several risk factors that can be dangerous for a child:

  • Balcony doors whose side locking lever swings upwards at a certain point
  • too low a parapet or a step in the parapet on which children can climb
  • too low a railing
  • too large openings in the balcony railing
  • a relatively large gap between parapet plates and the balcony floor plate
  • Chairs and other items that stand on the balcony and can be used for climbing

Secure the balcony door efficiently

A first protection is provided by a corresponding child safety of the balcony door. There are fuses that you can pinch like a window, so that a balcony door can open at least a crack. But there are also systems that block the opening mechanism.

A balcony door may involve more risks than just opening it

Older balcony doors also often have a side locking lever that opens the door by pulling down. Up to a certain point, however, the lever snaps back and the balcony door sets on the floor at lightning speed with full force. Children's feet under the door would be fatal here.

By installing a stopper on the underside of the door, you can at least prevent the door from completely resting on the floor. But even better is in any case a fuse that completely locks the unlocking.

Do not rely solely on the balcony door child safety lock

In addition, you should never rely solely on securing the balcony door, and thus on the fact that it is actually closed. Accordingly, the balcony itself always child safe to make. Chairs, tables and other items that can serve as a climbing aid for children should not be stored on the balcony by themselves.

When crossbars become the ladder

Some balconies are also equipped with crossbars or slats as railings, which can be used by children like a ladder. For example, you can attach a window or windscreen for the balcony here, for example from panels. But even awning fabric, which is tightened, protects.

Too low railing or parapet

If the railing or the parapet is too low, you can increase the railing accordingly. You can also use acrylic glass panes, so that no privacy is created. But there are also corresponding safety nets, which you can attach explicitly as a child safety device.

Exclude risk of injury for third parties

But do not forget the gap between balcony railing and floor slab, which is often several inches high. Quick could fall through toys of the child in the eagerness of the game battle. Even a small metal toy car can cause serious injury to people traveling under the balcony.

Tips & Tricks

Never rely on leaving your children on the balcony only when supervised. Especially children quickly override prohibitions or try these forbidden things when you are out of sight for just a few seconds. In such a situation, the danger increases exponentially, because many children know exactly how to "exploit" such a situation.

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