Do not forget child safety on the balcony door!

Sometimes parents can not look as fast as the little ones have done something completely unexpected. One should not wait until news is heard again about crashed children in the news, until one makes his balcony doors childproof. Which possibilities are there, we show here.

Lockable window handles

The first aid to prevent the balcony door from opening is lockable handles. These can easily be exchanged by a tenant. When moving you simply replace them and take the lockable handles with you.

parental controls

There are countless window locks and balcony door locks on the market. However, some are so awkward that even the most skilful adult can ever open or close the window again. Mostly you have to press with both hands on two small plastic pins.

Most child safety devices for balcony doors can also be used for ventilation. With a tilted window, they ensure that children can not turn the handle.

Secure tilt position

Unfortunately, the fewest parental controls unfortunately prevent the tilted windows from closing. If the little fingers fall between the window and the frame, significant injuries to the hands can result. Therefore, when purchasing the parental control, an additional backup for the tilt function should also be purchased.

Important points for the child safety of the balcony door

  • childproof but still operable
  • tilt protection
  • Can be grown without drilling or holes
  • remove again without leaving any residue

Tips & Tricks

Even though children are naturally creative, do not put chairs or other lifts near the balcony door. Try to perceive the environment with the eyes of a child. Even a flower column or a laundry chest serves as a climbing aid for children.

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