Build a children's bike yourself

Build a children's bike yourself: build

To fulfill a little dream for his grandson or child while doing something for the fitness and balance of the little ones. Are not these the basic requirements for a good present? If you can build such a gift together, everything is perfect.

The impeller is a bolted construction of plywood boards. The 12 inch wheels are spare parts of commercial "Puky" children's bikes and were ordered from the bike shop. For the individual parts which are indicated in the material list as a raw dimension, the outer contour must be recorded on the plywood board and cut out using a jigsaw. If several parts of a position are present, the plywood board should be chosen so large that several of them can be recorded on one plate.

With a little patience and attention to detail Here you have a nice, cross-generational workshop project

tool list

  • jigsaw
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • Table or hand saw
  • To force
  • rubber hammer
  • sanding block
  • Drill 25 mm
  • Drill 8 mm
  • Drill 3.5 mm
  • Dowel tips 8 mm
  • 2 x wrench 13 mm
  • grater
  • file
  • hacksaw

material list

2pageBirch plywood12610110
2Fork alongBirch plywood1244075
1Fork coverBirch plywood1213580
1seatpostBirch plywood18220120
2Fork acrossBirch plywood188060
2Frame acrossBirch plywood183065
1saddleBirch plywood round bar1831015
1handlebarsround bar283065
2Screw wheelsironM8110
2Screw seat postironM885
2Screw steering attachmentironM845
22diameter washerironM8

Step 1: Render sign template on wood

Build a children's bike yourself: bike

Step 1.1

Transfer using a copy wheel (Sewing need) or with copy paper the outer contours of the curved parts of the drawing on the plywood. Then saw the pieces with the jigsaw in conjunction with a curve saw blade. Regrind imprecise or wavy spots in the contour.

Build a children's bike yourself: bike

Step 1.2

Transfer in the case of items needed twice the outer contour with the first part on plywood. The same parts are clamped together and ground again with a hand sanding block and coarse sandpaper, grade P80, at the edges.

Build a children's bike yourself: plywood

Step 1.3

Become for the seat four identical sheets of 18 mm thick birch plywoodcut out and glued together in width. When the glue has dried, you can use a rasp and file or an edge grinder to shape the seat to its final shape.

2nd step: saw out the frame from the impeller

Build a children's bike yourself: build

Step 2.1

The positions of the boreholes and on the inner surfaces the positions of the steering attachment and struts of the fork are indicated on the frames and fork parts. Drill into the items of frame and fork the holes for the screws (ø = 3.5 mm) and for the axles and seat attachment (ø = 8 mm).

Build a children's bike yourself: bike

Step 2.2

Saw the struts of the fork and those of the frame with a table or circular saw on the multifunction table too. Mark the drill holes on the strut and drill the fixing holes (ø = 8 mm) for the fork. For the height adjustment, a slot must be cut into the seatpost. For this purpose, the slot is marked on the board and at the top and bottom of a hole (ø = 8 mm) drilled.

Build a children's bike yourself: children

Step 2.3

The Interspace is sawn out with a jigsaw. On the front of the fork comes a cover. In the middle of this cover is either a decorative hole drilled or you can attach a cat's eye on it. At each of the upper ends of the fork, one hole (ø = 25 mm) for the handlebar is drilled.

3rd step: sanding and bonding

Build a children's bike yourself: plywood

Step 3.1

Round all edges with a hand sanding block or an edge trimmer. Grind the surfaces with an orbital sander, finishing grit P 180. Glue the struts of the fork to the front cover. The items for mounting the frame are prepared for assembly. Specify wood glue on the joint surfaces.

Build a children's bike yourself: yourself

Step 3.2

First brace one side of the frame with the struts and screw the connections (Spax 3.5 x 30). The second side is tightened, aligned and screwed. So the frame is assembled and can be set aside for drying. The two boards of the fork are connected to the struts in the same way.

Build a children's bike yourself: build

Step 3.3

Three holes for wooden dowels (8 x 40) are drilled in the upper narrow surface of the seat post. Insert dowel tips in these holes, then point the saddle up and push it down. On the lower side of the saddle, you now have the marks on which you have to drill the dowel holes.

4th step: mount saddle

Build a children's bike yourself: children

Step 4.1

First glue the dowels into the seat post. Apply sufficient glue in the dowel holes in the saddle and on the connecting surface and clamp everything with a clamp. In order to be able to paint the individual parts better, the surfaces are painted in color or transparent before assembly.

Build a children's bike yourself: build

Step 4.2

Make sure that with every screw connection, always where the machine screw hits the wood, a washer comes in between. Put the fork and frame together and push the two fixing screws through the holes. First, place a washer on the screw and then unscrew the stop nut.

Build a children's bike yourself: children

Step 4.3

Cut the spacers for fixing the seat post with an iron saw. As spacers either an iron pipe or a distance sleeve (M10 X 30) can be taken. Install the seat post as shown in the drawing.

5th step: Attach wheels and handlebars

Build a children's bike yourself: children

Step 5.1

Now install the front and rear wheels and tighten all screws. You must make sure that the wheels can turn freely. The handlebar is generously rounded at both ends. Then insert it through the two holes in the fork and slide it to the correct position.

Build a children's bike yourself: yourself

Step 5.2

Mark this position with a little dash on the handlebar and then move it about 12 mm. Now apply glue all around between the fork and the marking on the handlebar and push it back.

Step 5.3

Build a children's bike yourself: plywood

If There is too much play in the handlebar attachment hole You can also attach the handlebar from behind with a 5 mm wooden dowel through the fork.

Build plan childrens bike yourself

Build a children's bike yourself: children

Build a children's bike yourself: children

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