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Purchase advice on the children's bicycle helmet comparison or test 2018

  • A childrens bicycle helmet protects your child's sensitive head region and may save lives in road traffic accidents or dangerous falls.
  • Be sure to use a helmet that really fits your child. Additional protection is provided by children's helmets made using the inmold process. These helmets are not made of individual parts, but are cast in a process and thus are particularly effective against impact.
  • In order to make it easier for your child to wear the helmet, you should opt for a colorful and appealing design. It not only stands out but can be tailored directly to the taste of your child. Ventilation holes in the helmet provide extra comfort.

Child bike helmet comparison 2018: 2018

In the first years of a child's life hardly a month passes without one milestone on the way to adulthood First it is learning to speak, then walking and only a few months later the little ones are already mobile. With walkers and scooters toddlers can travel the first few meters independently on wheels. With about three years - depending on the motor and physical development status - many children then rise for the first time on a children's bike.

But with the new freedom and the rush of speed, new dangers are added. Alone in 2014 were in Germany 78,296 bicycle accidents recorded - of which ended 396 deadly (Source: Federal Statistical Office). One reason for this: Only 15 percent of cyclists protect themselves with a bicycle helmet, reports insurance expert Dr. med. Alexander Vollert.

To your child maximum protection during cycling to allow one should Children's bike helmet necessarily to the basic equipment belong. So that you are well prepared for the next bike ride, we have one in the following children's bicycle helmet comparison 2018 one detailed purchase advice compiled.

1. What does a children's bike helmet bring?

Put on safety!

In Germany - unlike other European countries such as Austria, Sweden or Finland - no statutory helmet requirement for cyclists. It does not matter if it's the cyclists to children or adults is. Even when transporting the children in a bicycle trailer, wearing a children's bicycle helmet is not specified.

Nevertheless, we recommend you and your child wearing a safe bicycle helmet to the best possible protection against head injuries to ensure.

First and foremost, a children's bicycle helmet is not a stylish headdress, but should safety in traffic serve. Children can be in the bustle of traffic from other cyclists or motorists be overlooked quicklyThey also have far less knowledge of traffic rules than adults. Therefore, the small cyclists also have an increased risk potential to fall into an accident.

It is therefore all the more important that you protect your child preventively against possible injuries. Even the best bike helmet for your child can only be as effective as the fit and the material allow it. Therefore, almost all helmets are equipped with adjustable chin straps, which ensure an optimal fit.

Additional ventilation holes ensure a cool head.

A versatile all-rounderAlthough a children's bicycle helmet is designed primarily for cycling, it is also suitable for cycling Inline skating, ice skating, sledding or skateboarding.

The Advantages and disadvantages of a children's bicycle helmet In summary, we have summarized for you:

  • appealing and colorful designs
  • Increases the visibility - also through additional lighting elements
  • provides protection against injuries to the head and neck area
  • stable and robust
  • Adjustment of the helmet may u.U. to be difficult
  • supposed protection leads to worry-free driving

2. Which children's bicycle helmet types are there?

Child bike helmet comparison 2018: bike

A hard shell helmet for children offers a lot of security.

If you are a test winner in your search for a cheap children's bike helmet, you will find two different types of children's helmets: Softshell helmets and the popular hard-shell children's helmets, Both variants are from well-known brands and manufacturers including Abus, UVEX, KED, Alpina or Puky.

Generally bicycle helmets consist of one damping rigid foam (also EPS called). This plastic can be poured under heat into a mold and acts as a helmet inner shell, The outer shell mostly consists of robust ABS plasticdepending on the thickness either as:

  • Microshell (low weight, yet robust and easy to clean)
  • hardshell (higher in weight, as the plastic is thicker, very robust and easy to clean)

can be designated.

In addition there is two different types of constructionused in the manufacture of helmets:

  1. In-mold construction: The In-Mold (occasionally In-Mold) construction is a process where the EPS part of the helmet sprayed directly into the outer shell becomes. As a result, both elements are complete welded together, The resulting helmet is virtually made of one piece and is especially shockproof and stable, Most models in the children's bike helmet test were made using this technology.
  2. Hardshell constructionAlthough this method has the same name as the previously described ABS outer shell, it refers to a manufacturing principle. There are Outer and inner shell two separate elementswhich are merely put together.

The dominating hardshell or hardshell helmets are almost all by in-mold process manufactured. For softshell variants, this principle can not be applied. The two different types are described in more detail below:

Hard shell kids helmetThis children helmet variant is due to their robust and solid mode of action the most common variant in our children's bike helmet test. Thanks to the applied in-mold technique, the helmets offer a high degree of safety and cushion any impact.

Hard shell helmets are - compared to a softshell product - heavier, but think more of it and are very easy to care for. In order for the helmet to sit well, chin straps are attached to the shell.

Softshell Kids HelmetSoftshell helmets are the Lightweights under the children's helmets, In this helmet construction, only the damping rigid foam is used, it is located no further plastic layer at the helm.

As a result, a reduced weight can be achieved, but the safety is lower than with a hard-shell children's helmet. The foam will partially welded to the outer shell - You can check this by pressing on the helmet shell. Feel the space between shell and foam, then it is a softshell helmet.

Chin straps, which can be adjusted individually, of course, also have these models.

A bicycle helmet for toddlers does not lend itself to when your child makes his first own driving tests. It's already worth buying a children's bike helmet if you have your child regularly on a children's bike seat go to school or kindergarten.

3. Purchase criteria for a children's bicycle helmet: You must pay attention to this

3.1. Does pulling through prevail?

Anyone who already has a bicycle or safety helmet at summer temperatures had on her head, knows how hot it can become after a short time. Children are no different. So that the little cyclists do not take the helpful head protection off during sports or leisure time unnerved, are Ventilation holes in the shell of the helmet.

The number varies from provider to provider - but at least eight should beto ensure a pleasant climate under hood. But more is always possible some specimens in our comparison have up to 17 openings.

Net stretched: The individual holes for ventilation are additional for most headgear in with a mosquito net lined. The handy feature prevents uninvited insects from getting lost in the helmet during the bike ride.

3.2. Design: It does not have to be discreet here

Child bike helmet comparison 2018: bike

Colorful and eye-catching - that's how a kids helmet should be!

Although a children's bicycle helmet primarily serves the protection and should not just be "decoration", the must Helmet also designed for children his. This is the only way to ensure that your offspring does not pull off the protective utensil after the first turn and continue "up topless". Therefore, it is recommended to integrate the helmet right from the start when cycling. To convince Junior that wearing a helmet is worth it, it is certainly helpful if the parents wear one too. Therefore, lead by example!

Let your child have his helmet choose independently, There are numerous colors and patterns, as well as children's bike helmets with Frozen actors or other Disney characters. Pink or blue: the kids helmet can not colorful enough his. The increases visibility and alert other road users to a child. Additional LEDs and reflectors on the helmet not only decorate, but are also very useful in the dark.

3.3. Which sizes are there?

Hereby stands and falls the complete project, to buy a children's helmet for the bicycle. The comfort, which the helmet should offer next to the protection, must not be underestimated. If the helmet is too small or too big, it will either slip on your head or cause uncomfortable pressure points. On top of that, one badly fitting helmet reduces the protective effectwhen he slips with the slightest movement.

It's best to use a simple one tape measureto determine the head circumference for the appropriate child helmet size. Whether you are looking for a children's bicycle helmet for girls or a model for boys - manufacturers usually give, e.g. for KED helmets or UVEX children helmets, your sizes in XS (44-49 cm), S (46-51 cm), S / M (49-53 cm) and M (52-58 cm). On average, these dimensions cover the helmets for children from one to four years of age.

4. Correctly adjust the children's bicycle helmet: You should pay attention to this

Child bike helmet comparison 2018: comparison

To ensure safety and comfort, the chin strap and straps must be adjusted correctly.

It is important that your child the helmet before the first exit once for a long time to the sample carries, This quickly makes it clear whether the size is right. In addition, the belt as well as the Chin strap adjusted precisely be and not press. To avoid this, most of the straps on the chin have one pinch.

Also show your child how the Open the closure leaves. A simple and intuitive operation has the edge here. In order for the straps of the belt system to sit properly, they should be kind Triangle around the ears form. So the helmet does not slip.

Incidentally, many helmets offer the option of adjusting the width by turning the neck area - which means that the children's bicycle helmet can grow with it and does not have to be exchanged after each growth spurt.

5. FAQ about the children's bicycle helmet

5.1. Did Stiftung Warentest test children's helmets?

Most recently, the testing institute dealt with the children's bike helmet category in the issue 06/2016 and a total of 19 models scrutinized. The foundation considered not only bicycle helmets for toddlers, but also specimens for older children. Almost half of the test objects were convincing and got the grade Good.

5.2. How to care for and clean a helmet for children?

Unless the bicycle helmet of your child no specific cleaning methods required, which may be noted in the manufacturer's information, it is sufficient if you have a soft cloth and clear water to use for cleaning.

Hot cleaners or scouring cream could possibly Affect applications and motifs as well as the color scheme, Even with larger soiling, clear water with a few drops of detergent is still the best choice. Let the helmet dry afterwards.

5.3. Can a child helmet continue to be used after a bicycle accident?

No! If your child has had a fall or accident with their childrens bicycle helmet, you should dispose of it immediately. Even if no external damage can be detected minor cracks at the next collision fatal consequences to have. Better play it safe and invest in a new children's bike helmet after an accident.

5.4. Is there a children's bike helmet for babies?

The tendency is to recommend the Use of a children's bicycle helmet approx. From the first year of lifeso that the spine is also stable enough. However, there are also models that can be used already from the 6th month. However, we advise against transporting babies at this age by bicycle seat. Specific Kids Caddies Here are the safer alternative. Stiftung Warentest offers an informative video:

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