Paint a baby chair and increase the seating attractiveness

Children enjoy colors and colorful patterns. Painting often increases the willingness and desire of the child to settle on a baby chair. In the selection of colors and motifs should be considered in addition to the taste and the age and resilience. Ideally, the child designed with.

Make baby chair inviting

Cheerful and colorful paintwork beautify the appearance of a conventional chair enormously. For many children, sitting is not one of the preferred activities and postures, and pedagogical effects are often undeniable.

Whenever a high chair or a baby chair is built, the visual design should always be considered. For existing seating, the existing design is removed by pickling or abrading.

Scene Select

Unlike "adult" design wishes and perceptions, painting chairs can bring an anarchistic aspect to the decor. Screaming colors and representational motifs from the world of experience and life of the children also cut a fine figure completely decoupled from the surrounding furnishing style.

The selection should consider and combine age-appropriate representations, their ongoing relevance and the expected workload. Desired figures of three-year-olds can already lead to frustration with four-year-olds. Suggestions for motivational ideas can be found in these areas:

  • cartoon characters
  • movie characters
  • animals
  • Names of colorful letters
  • fairy tale
  • Picture and children's books
  • Action hero
  • mythical creatures
  • Flowers, flowers and rainbows

color types

Childlike are bright colors and colorful ornaments that do not necessarily need an objective motif. Implied bows or flames meet the demands of very young people, such as mosaics, borders and colorful stains. A white painted "Kuhstuhl" with black spots can inspire.

Gloss and durability are the deciding factors in the color scheme. Paint paints should be provided with seals that look for scratches and the appearance of liquids. Ideally, the painting of a baby chair takes place as a collaboration between adult and child. If the child is still very small, painting off masked surface sections can be a good form of participation.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to integrate intricate representational motifs, a combined pasting and painting helps. Labels from the merchandising trade can be embedded in suitable finishes.

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