Chimney head walls make themselves

For a trained handyman, it is quite possible to wall a chimney head itself. Please note the building permit requirement and the corresponding drawing in front of the walls. For some projects, a licensed professional must accompany and take over the project.

Transparent or opaque color

The walls of a chimney head are subject to some building regulations. Anyone who has already gained bricklaying experience, for example with a garden wall, can implement the specifications. Without any experience, the chimney head should not be masonry itself.

The principle of alternating runners and trusses must be followed when the chimney head walls. Vertical joints always have to be offset and must not be on top of each other. The interior walls must be smoothly bricked and stone quarters must not be used inside.

Chimney head itself wall

  • Chimney blocks made of aerated concrete
  • Thin mortar board
  • water
  • solder
  • Straightedges
  • trowel
  • Mortar cup or bucket
  • spirit level
  • holding harness

1. Secure

Secure yourself against the risk of falling. An anchored climbing harness from the sports area is best suited. Pay attention to the wind force.

2. Determine position

Mark the exact exit point of the chimney with a solder. The solder must be aligned with the existing base or base.

3. Fit the slats

Install slats on two opposite corners of the chimney head for constant control over the precise, vertical alignment.

4. Mix the mortar

Stir the thin bed mortar in the ratio of one to four with water.

5. Place runners and binders

Apply the mortar evenly and place the first stone row. Pay attention to the complete mortar distribution and coat the grout with swelling mortar thoroughly.

6. Check the situation

After a brick round with the spirit level, check vertical and horizontal alignment. Continue to Läuferrunde with Binderrunde.

Adhere to approved dimensions

In the building permit also the necessary diameter of the vent for the corresponding hearth is given. Pay attention to compliance with the dimensions.

Tips & Tricks

If the outer joints keep the edges free of thin-bed mortar, you can later fill them with cement mortar. This increases the resistance to weathering.

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