Chimney cleaning - how, when, how often?

Chimneys have to be regularly cleaned and checked due to legal regulations. What rules apply and what they say, this guide informs.

The sweeping and checking order

The sweeping and inspection order is since 1.1. 2010 in force. It regulates all aspects of the sweeping and inspection of chimneys and plants.

Responsible for the sweeping and inspection regulations (KÜO) is the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. The basis for the KÜO are the chimney sweep law, the EnEV and the chimney sweep craft law.

Regulations by the KÜO

  • which types of installations need to be checked and swept at all
  • how to do the sweeping work
  • in which cases special sweeping work is to be done
  • the number of necessary reversals and checks for individual types of installations

Since the end of 2012, the fees and duties of the district chimney sweep are no longer subject of the KÜO.

Sense of chimney cleaning

During chimney cleaning, the entire chimney is swept with a broom that is placed on a reel. Thereafter, the bottom surface of the chimney is cleaned.

The removal of the soot serves for fire protection. Since soot deposits are theoretically combustible, they must be removed at regular intervals. This ensures the reliability of the fireplace.

In addition, a visual inspection of the chimney or the exhaust pipe is always carried out in the course of cleaning. This ensures that the technical safety of the chimney is checked at regular intervals.

Used cleaning devices

For soot removal is a so-called broom. It usually consists of steel or spring steel. To remove different types of combustion residues each different broom types are used.

At the bottom of each broom has a draw weight. For conventional soot removal brooms, this draw weight is typically 2.3 kg. It pulls the broom down through the fireplace.

The width of the broom is always exactly 2 cm larger than the respective chimney diameter. This achieves a thorough cleaning. For larger chimney diameters also so-called star brooms are used.

Chimney Sweep duty

The chimney must be cleaned by a chimney sweep. Cleaning by yourself is not permitted.

Tips & Tricks

In the meantime free chimney sweep choice exists in Germany. It must therefore not necessarily provide the respective district chimney sweep the cleaning. Sometimes it can be advantageous to change the chimney sweep.

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