Chimney for the fireplace - comply with important regulations

If you build a chimney for the fireplace, you have to comply with many rules. In addition, the new chimney must be removed by the district chimney sweep before it goes into operation. The height and diameter of the chimney are also required.

Federal states regulate regulations unevenly

Unfortunately, in the regulations for chimneys, the states are somewhat divided. Important for each client are the building regulations of the individual construction supervisory authority and the regulations of the district chimney sweep ordinance.

Length and height according to DIN

The height and length of chimney heads is regulated in DIN V 18160, but here too, the individual firing regulations of the countries may differ. In addition, further requirements can be made if the nominal heat output of the new fireplace is particularly high, for example.

Aspects that require a different height of the chimney head

  • the respective fuel
  • Environmental protection makes special demands
  • Local features, such as a valley or similar
  • special nominal heat output of the new fireplace

Chimney mouth sufficiently high

Each exhaust system must have a certain minimum height above the roof at its mouth. Here, the ridge must be surmounted by at least 40 centimeters. If the chimney is not in the middle of the house in the ridge, the mouth must be at least one meter from the roof surface.

That does not mean, however, that the chimney head must be one meter high, but depending on the roof pitch, only the distance to the roof must be right.

Soft roofing

Roofs that are covered with thatch or straw are considered as soft roofing. Because they are naturally very flammable, they needed special protection. This chimney head must overhang the ridge by at least 80 centimeters.

However, certain green roofs and roofs with bituminous membranes may also apply to the soft roofs. Depending on which vegetation is present on the green roof, this can be very dry in the summer, therefore, the fire protection must be considered here.

Dormers and skylights

If the chimney comes out of the roof less than 1.50 meters from a window or dormer window, it must project at least one meter beyond these openings in the roof.

Flammable materials

Another problem with chimney construction are flammable materials, such as wood for example. If there is still a small wooden structure or the like on a flat roof, a safe distance to the chimney mouth must be maintained here as well.

Here, the chimneys must either project the combustible material by one meter or be at least 1.50 meters from the combustible building materials.

Tips & Tricks

Always contact your local chimney sweep first. He knows the local conditions and regulations for the construction of a chimney best. This prevents you from making expensive planning mistakes. A chimney that runs in the house, you can not just change over.

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