Chimney sweep - free choice for homeowners

For some time, the homeowner may not only hire chimney sweeps from surrounding communities. Chimney sweeps from all over the EU are also allowed to work here. But you also have to work here on the basis of the current EU Crafts Regulation.

Comply with German regulations

The services that have to be performed obligingly are in the fire brigade notice, which the chimney sweep must hand over to his customer. If you want to hire an independent chimney sweep without a fixed sweeping district, you can get an offer for these services.

The homeowner can now compare this offer with the fees they had to pay to their district chimney sweep master. However, the free chimney sweep must comply with all German regulations and rules of the craft.

More responsibility for the homeowner

Even if you are fortunate enough to find a cheaper, free chimney sweep in a metropolitan area, much of the responsibility lies with the homeowner, who used to be the district chimney sweep master.

In addition, as a rule, you must be able to prove to the district chimney sweep master that the work has been carried out. It is often promised a savings of about ten to twenty percent. However, the homeowner thus has more running.

Cleaning intervals and fireplace viewing

The homeowner needs the Fire Department Decree of 2012 to hire another chimney sweep. The intervals at which the various fireplaces must be cleaned are specified therein.

It is also specified here, which decreases and Feuerstättenschauen must be carried out at what distance. In order for this work to actually be carried out, the homeowner is obliged to observe the periods.

Sanitary companies and heating engineers

As competition in the market has now started to play a role in this regard, many plumbers and plumbers have already hired a master chimney sweep. So they can offer this work together with the maintenance work on the heating systems.

Of course, it has some advantages for the homeowner if the plumbing company takes over this work, as, for example, can save on travel costs, in addition to the often cheaper fees for the chimney sweep.

Tips & Tricks

If you have a good reliable district chimney sweep that does not deviate too much from the free chimney sweepers in terms of cost, you should stay with it. They have so less running and can always be sure that all deadlines are met.

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