The chimney sweep prices since the new regulation of 2013

Since the beginning of 2013, the chimney sweep prices are subject to free competition, the old sweeping and examination regulations have been largely obsolete. However, you should consider some important things about chimney sweeps!

Important regulations for free choice of chimney sweep

The chimney sweep you have chosen must be listed as a certified specialist at the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control in order to carry out officially sweeping and testing work.

The former district chimney sweep is now called "district representative". He still manages the sweeping book. He must prove to him that all legally required measures have been carried out on time.

Free chimney sweeps are not allowed to carry out any "sovereign tasks", these are reserved solely for the district representative. One of these tasks, for example, is the aforementioned routing of the sweeping book. Every fourth year at the latest, a test date is required.

The new chimney sweep prices

The uniform fee rate of the sweeping and examination regulations is overridden, free chimney sweeps are allowed to customize their prices individually. Customers now have the opportunity to choose a cheap chimney sweep and thus save money.

The strictly unified fee rate from before 2013 is abolished, the individual chimney sweep costs will now differ more or less strongly. Through active price comparison, you may be able to realize great savings.

For information, take a look at the price list of the sweeping and examination regulations (KÜO) from before 2013 and on your old statements. So you get a rough idea of ​​the expected in your region chimney sweep prices. Now you can ask for offers and make price comparisons.

Attention: Reminder fees and fine!

If you do not meet your legal obligations on time, you will initially receive a reminder that is probably still free. For the second reminder, however, already considerable fees are due. In addition, the public order office can impose a fine of several thousand EUR!

Example of current chimney sweep prices

A homeowner picks a free chimney sweep, who should perform the current sweeping and measuring and testing. This can also pay for the journey.

Cost overviewprice
1. Directions20 EUR
2. sweeping35 EUR
3. Check and measure65 EUR
total120 EUR

Who settles in case of dispute?

If there is a dispute between you and your chimney sweep, then you have the opportunity to contact the responsible guild or the national association. Look under the URL for the appropriate contact information.

Tips & Tricks

Many chimney sweepers also offer multi-year maintenance contracts with fixed prices. This may be an advantage for you, but do not hang on to a chimney sweep for too long: prices may fall during this time.

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