The chimney sweep remains partially mandatory

The monopoly of chimney sweeps has indeed been lifted. But even today, the district chimney sweep has to come into the house for a lot of work on the heating systems and chimneys. When the chimney sweep duty is here.

New duties for homeowners

Each owner of a heating system now has the duty to monitor compliance with sweeping dates and the like. He even has to be accountable to the district chimney sweep. Therefore, it is important to keep the evidence of work done well.

Find and test free chimney sweeps

If you want to hire a freelance chimney sweep or a licensed craft business, you must also check whether this may actually perform the pending work. For this, the free chimney sweep must be registered with BAFA, the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control.

But you must also remember that the free chimney sweep should be as close as possible. The already low potential for saving when changing the chimney sweep would otherwise be eaten up again by the cost of the approach.

Sovereign tasks for the district chimney sweep

Some things the homeowner can not have done by a freelance chimney sweep or a qualified craft business. The district chimney sweep keeps some tasks that only he is allowed to do sovereignly in his region.

Guide the book

The district chimney sweep carries the so-called sweeping book, in which all fireplaces and heating systems are registered. All owners of such a system, he issued a fireplace permit at the end of 2012.

Fireplace decision

In the fire brigade notice, the homeowner should pick up well, are all work that needs to be done at the heating system or the chimney. Also, the periods in which the work must be done, are noted there.

Fireplace shop

For stoves and tiled stoves every three and a half years a stoveshow is necessary, which may also be performed only by the district chimney sweep. Also only new plants or chimneys may he decrease.

Tips & Tricks

As a homeowner, you can now freely decide which chimney sweep will do the work listed in the fireplace notice. But you should keep in mind that you will still see the district chimney sweep from time to time.

If that makes you uncomfortable, you'll need to think ahead to see if the savings are so great that it's worth taking over all responsibilities.

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