Make baptism candle, baptismal cards and baptism gift yourself

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There are different ways to celebrate the birth of a child.

Make baptism candle, baptismal cards and baptism gift yourself: baptismal

Baptism is the first great Christian festival in your child's life. The child becomes part of the community. At this point we have compiled craft instructions for christening candles, baptism cards and baptismal decoration, which can be designed for the baptism festival itself.

Already before the birth of the child expectant mothers often diaper gifts, with which an initial equipment for the first few days is guaranteed. There are now countless creative ideas for the design of diaper gifts, Most popular, however, is still the classic diaper cake.

Make a baptism candle yourself

Traditional christening candles

Crafting idea for a christening candle with ivy, name, baptism date and pax symbol
at Green24Club

Make baptism candle yourself

Suggestions and instructions for the design of christening candles with motif templates as a free download.
at My Map Manufactory

Christening candle with rainbow

Make baptism candle with rainbow and butterflies yourself. - Detailed instructions

Christening candle with rainbow

A christening candle with butterflies and bow, decorated with name and baptismal date - Simple crafting instructions with print templates for motives

Christening candle with pink cross and name

Instructions with templates for decorating a baptismal candle with a filigree cross, flowers, doves, date and name.


Make a christening candle and decorate it with elaborate motifs. - Illustrated step-by-step instructions for a christening candle with sun symbol, dove, pax sign, name and rainbow
at christening oasis

Make a Christening Candle

A detailed description for a simple christening candle with curved cross, dove and silver waxed ring.
at christening oasis

Christening candle for girls

A step by step instructions for a christening candle in a bright pink.
at christening oasis

Design of the baptism candle

What a christening candle should have. - Information and ideas for the design of the baptismal candle
at christening oasis

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