Christmas arrangements in white - White christmas with christmas flowers

Ideas for white Christmas bouquets and festive arrangements

Christmas arrangements in white - White christmas with christmas flowers: white

Christmas bouquets and Christmas arrangements in white spread a wintry atmosphere in the rooms when the snow is coming. Although the bouquets can not replace a white Christmas, they decorate tables and shelves in wintery colors and even bring joy as a Christmas present.

Be inspired by our ideas and make your own Christmas arrangements in white.

White as a symbol of purity for the birth of Christ

White not only stands for snow and winter, but is also a symbol of Purity, innocence and clarity, At the same time, the color is considered elegant, sublime and solemn, which is why brides wear a white dress for their wedding or children wear a light robe for their baptism. In the liturgy, white is considered as Color of holiness, In addition, bright colors and white-like tones create an optical effect that makes the room look bigger.

Anyone looking around flowers in flower shops will be surprised how many different shades of white are found, such as mother-of-pearl, ivory, pure white or sand.

White flowers for the winter bouquet

Christmas arrangements in white - White christmas with christmas flowers: christmas

White winter flowers at a glance: hyacinth, freesia, orchid and chrysanthemum.

For winter bouquets and Christmas arrangements, you will love noble roses, elegant freesias, delicate tulips and chrysanthemums with lush blossoms. In addition, white carnations, small daisies, amaryllis, orchids and calla make for variety in the floristic Christmas decorations.

If you would like to know more about the noble varieties of flowers, you will find further information on the following cut flowers on these pages:

  • roses
  • tulips
  • cloves
  • Calla
  • amaryllis
  • orchids
  • Marguerite and Bornholm Marguerite

White Christmas arrangement with orchids

This winter bouquet is made of magnificent Orchids, white hyacinths, delicatefreesiaandchrysanthemumstogether. Whether the flowers alone in high vases, as seen in the adjacent picture, or binds to a single white Christmas arrangement, is left to the personal taste. For onewinter bouquet Place the orchid and the chrysanthemum in the center and arrange the other flowers below the flowers. Then fix the bouquet with white ribbon and put it in a glass vase.

Ideas for winter bouquets and traditional floral arrangements

Christmas arrangements in white - White christmas with christmas flowers: arrangements

A winter dream of amaryllis, roses and tulips

For this white floral arrangement the winter flower Amaryllis was chosen. Their large goblets become eye-catchers in the center of the arrangement before the viewer discovers the white roses and tulips. Depending on the length of the stems, this Christmas arrangement can be used as a winter bouquet of flowers.

Those who prefer traditional, designed bouquets Ilex leaves, fir green, mistletoe or gypsophila and combines these with various winter flowers, such as Christmas roses or Amaryllis.

Another creative idea to make arrangements in winter, provide spray snow and angel hair. Angel hair can be placed around the flower heads, while spray snow conjures a decorative layer of snow on the leaves. You can also make beautiful Christmas bauble Christmas baubles with balls. In addition, wooden figures, stars and other Christmas decorations provide many other possibilities for decoration.

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