Tinker and design Christmas cards

Even in times of e-cards, sending Christmas greetings cards to family and friends is very popular. Who wants to give his sweetheart a special pleasure, gives away even designed Christmas cards. Because a tinkered map shows the recipient - be it the best friend or the favorite grandma - how much it means to the sender. Children and inexperienced hobbyists can design wonderful Christmas cards with our illustrated and extensively described crafting instructions.

The following Christmas greeting cards with stars in different sizes and colors can be individually designed and labeled.

Text ideas for Christmas greeting cards

Whether with a star, fir trees, a bow, pearls or other motifs and embellishments: Who gives free rein to his creativity, creates individual Christmas greetings in the twinkling of an eye. After designing, the text is written in the card with gold or silver pens.

Suitable text ideas and other tips for decorating can be found in our templates for Christmas cards.

Tinker and design Christmas cards: design

Design Christmas cards with metallic pens

A nice idea for monochrome Christmas cards are embellishments with metallic colors. With fiber painters in silver, gold, red or green, you write holiday greetings or give your self-made cards the finishing touch. The best are the fiber pens for smooth cardboard. For corrugated board, it is advisable to first write the text or patterns on a smooth piece of construction paper and then glue it to the corrugated board. Tip: Metallic fiber painters are also suitable for designing a Christmas gift box.

The following photos give you some ideas for designing homemade Christmas cards:

Tinker and design Christmas cards: card

Cards with festive greetings

Tinker and design Christmas cards: cards

Silver and gold match dark cards

Tinker and design Christmas cards: cards

Idea for a decorated gift box

Crafting instructions for Christmas cards

Christmas card with star

Tinker and design Christmas cards: design

Christmas card with star and pearls list of materials

  • Simple blue gift card
  • Gold paper with floral pattern
  • Red photo carton
  • Green pearls
  • Glittering transparent paper
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • craft glue
  • liquid adhesive


First, our gift card is measured and transferred the size minus one centimeter per edge side on the gold paper. This one cuts out and sticks it so on the gift card, that on each side an edge with the same width remains to be seen. Next, a red square is needed, which you cut out of the photo carton. The dimensions must be adjusted to the total size of the gift card. For our Christmas card, you will design it with green beads and a beautiful poinsettia. After fixing the red square in the center of the gold paper, the beads can be glued in each corner. Lastly, draw a poinsettia on the tracing paper, cut it out and place it on the square as well. Once everything has dried completely, you have a beautiful, self-designed Christmas card.

Red Christmas card with colorful stars

Tinker and design Christmas cards: design

material list

  • Construction paper in different colors
  • scissors
  • Glue stick or liquid glue
  • pencil


Step 1

In the first step draw a rectangle on red construction paper. The dimensions can vary depending on how big your Christmas card should be. Then cut out the rectangle and fold it in half to get two equal sides.

Tip: If you want to send the Christmas card, please pay attention to usual post dimensions. The size of a normal postcard is about 13x18cm.

2nd step

Now draw a star in different sizes on construction paper and vary the sizes of the stars on different colored construction paper. Cut out the stars.

tip: To make your job easier, you can also print out our template, cut it out and then transfer it to construction paper.

3rd step

Design the stars in orange, green and blue. Of course you can also vary the colors.

We wish you a lot of fun crafting and giving away!

Tinker and design Christmas cards: cards

Pink star

Tinker and design Christmas cards: Tinker

Orange star

Tinker and design Christmas cards: Tinker

Green star

Tinker and design Christmas cards: cards

Christmas card with fir-tree

Tinker and design Christmas cards: Tinker

Colorful Christmas trees grace the card list of materials

  • Simple white gift card
  • Colorful cardboard
  • White and red felt fabric
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • craft glue


To create this Christmas card, the outlines of two Christmas trees are first drawn on construction paper in different colors. He may not be larger than the front of the gift card. Once the motifs have been cut out, they will be glued on the card, as shown in the picture. In the last step you make jagged patterns out of white and red felt fabric: For this they are also drawn out, cut out and glued on the Christmas trees.

Simple Christmas card with bow

Tinker and design Christmas cards: cards

Christmas card with presents and sweets list of materials

  • Simple golden gift card
  • cord
  • name tags
  • Different colored wrapping paper
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • liquid adhesive


To make our last Christmas card, you first need three small squares that are cut from three different wrapping paper. They should have different sizes and fit well on the gift card. After pasting them, attach a loop tied with a cord at the top of the smallest square. This can be glued with a drop of liquid glue. Finally, the name tag is attached to it, which is either tied to the tape or, as in our picture, glued.

Ornate Christmas card with stars and gemstones

Tinker and design Christmas cards: card

material list

  • Dremel VersaTip with hot air blower nozzle, hot knife
  • Dremel Glue Gun 930, transparent glue sticks 7 mm GG02 and silver glitter glue sticks GG04
  • Card blanks and envelopes
  • Printed decor paper or glitter paper
  • Spray paints (also metallic spray paints)
  • Weak adhesive spray adhesive
  • Embossing pen and powder
  • Various wide ribbons, star sequins and gemstones
  • stable films
  • permanent markers

Step 1: Make star stencil

Tinker and design Christmas cards: christmas

Create star stencil

First, you need any star motif whose size should be chosen so that it fits on the map. For a Christmas card with several stars, smaller designs are suitable.

In the next step, the stabilizing foil is placed over the star and its outlines are traced with a permanent marker. There should be enough free space around the subject. Thus, the stable foil covers the entire front of the card at the end.

Then place the foil on a hardened glass plate and cut the star along the lines with the VersaTip hot knife. Then you remove the motif from the foil and get a star stencil for the card.

Step 2: Fuse star template on christmas card

Tinker and design Christmas cards: design

Glue star stencil on the card and frame with color

To fix the star stencil on the Christmas card, little spray glue is applied to the stencil back. In the next step stick these on the card blank and press firmly. Now you can - as you wish - spray with paint and let it dry completely.

step 3: Make stars on Christmas cards with paint

Tinker and design Christmas cards: design

Paint stars on Christmas card

For this step, make a smaller star stencil following the steps above. This is then placed on the star and traced its outline with an Embossingstift. Next, fill the mold completely with embossing fluid. Now carefully remove the template and apply embossing powder to it. The excess powder is knocked off and the remainders are removed with a brush. Now set the VersaTip with the hot air blower nozzle to the low heat setting and let the powder melt.

Step 4: Decorate Christmas cards

Tinker and design Christmas cards: card

Decorate Christmas card

Once the paint and powder have dried, it's time to decorate the homemade Christmas card. For this you can decor paper on the lower area and decorate with loops. Finally, stick with the hot glue gun Dremel Glue Gun 930 star sequins and put a gemstone in the middle of the star.

Tinker and design Christmas cards: card

Courtesy of Dremel.

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