Christmas crafts with pine cones

Christmas crafts with pine cones

Christmas crafts with pine cones: crafts

Pine cones smell not only atmospheric, but resin can also be used for crafts. They come in different colors, shapes and sizes. You can buy this natural material either in the trade or after a stormy day simply pick up from the forest floor and use for very different craft ideas.

In all seasons can be make great things with pine cones - but especially for autumn and Christmas, the good-smelling cones fit. Whether big or small, almost all enjoy Christmas baubeln.

We have some Instructions on gnomes, decorations and Christmas crafts assembled with pine cones.

Christmas crafts with pine cones

Advent wreath of pine cones

Simply stick a brown polystyrene wreath with pine cones, put on candles and decorate - instructions for a fast Christmas wreath

Tealight holder with pine cones

Glue 3 pine cones together as candlesticks and fasten

Build palm trees yourself

Building instructions for palm trees of an oriental nativity scene with a palm trunk made from gnawed pine cones and palm leaves from green construction paper

Decorations of pine cones

Turkeys from cones

Making turkey out of pine cones, colored paper and pencils. Crafting instructions with print templates for turkey decoration (English).

Pine cones pendant

Bastelinspiration for pine cones with fabric ribbons as autumn decoration.

Cones: Flowers made of pine cones

Decorative flower pendant for an autumn bouquet of pine cones shed. Creative and detailed illustrated instructions.

leaves garland

Pretty foliage garland for autumn in the living room of autumn leaves. Decorative leaves are punched out of the leaves with the motif punch. Creative and detailed illustrated instructions.

Wreath of pine cones

Instructions for a door wreath or a arrangement of pine cones (English)

Decoration for the front door

from pine cones, spray paint, jute tape and hot glue gun

autumn garland

Chestnuts, pine cones, acorns, nuts and beechnuts on winding wire become an autumnal garland

Tealight holder with pine cones

Glue 3 pine cones together as candlesticks and fasten

pine cone wreath

Wreath made of pine cones. - An instruction.

Zapf garland

A tutorial for making a garland of big pine cones (english)

Gnomes and figures of pine cones

Autumnal bark gnome

Extensively illustrated instructions for cute Borken gnomes made from styrofoam cones and balls, birch bark, natural wool, Iceland moss and pine cones.

Make a little witch

from pine cones and small branches. Detailed illustrated instructions.

Pin male

Tinker a funny cone of pine cones

Pinecone male in the snow

Instructions for crafting wintery dwarves from pine cones. Template as PDF download.

Window arch with Christmas motive

Figures of pine cones

Tinker Santa

Happy Santa Claus to hang: Pine cones as a head and red felt as a cap

Tang Imp

make yourself from pine cones, acorns and paper

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