Christmas for home improvement: The "male" handyman gift

Christmas for home improvement: The

Very masculine: Ordinary Schnorres!

Do-it-yourselfers do not long for the Christmas season without reason: Maybe the huge and biblically expensive cordless screwdriver set really lies

Christmas for home improvement: The

under the Christmas tree, which the hopeful homebuyer put on his online wish list. An estimated 500 attachments in all dimensions would then leave no screwing job in the household - and the belt clip provides the necessary cowboy look. For the most part, the certainly pious wish, unfortunately, remains outrageous: socks, a chic tie or the inevitable deer sweater represent the sad reality under the Christmas fir.

We say: stop it! Expressly say "YES!" To the male handyman gift. This does not mean a chest hair touple and no Tom Selleck poster: You can also "male", handyman and still give creative.

Our suggestions:

The experience gift

Once excavator drive and furrows in the field pull

Christmas for home improvement: The

or stupidly and yet stress-reducing with the sledgehammer on a car? Men's dreams do not have to be dreams. Everywhere on the Internet popping up for some time websites that promise so-called "experience gifts". These do not even have to be particularly expensive: Affordable experience gifts are available from as little as 30 euros. Anyone who knows a farmer with a wheel loader and need for earthmoving gets away even cheaper - including shining men's eyes.

Tool of the 21st century

Not a few do-it-yourselfers still work with tools that they have inherited from their father and grandfather. Unlike these, however, the home improvement of today has much less time for his projects: Job, family and Playstation devour the necessary drilling and digging time in no time. Therefore: with high-tech to success! High-tech gifts such as laser spirit levels, laser rangefinders and digital protractors are very trendy. These quickly create absolutely accurate accuracy - ideal for spontaneous weekend home-improvement, nerds and precision fanatics.

Tool international & quirky

Why not give a Frenchman, an Englishman or a nibbler? For bizarre gifts from the home improvement segment flea markets and the Internet are a rich treasure trove. While an "Englishman" is familiar to almost anyone as an adjustable, one-sided wrench, the equally adjustable, but double-sided wrench with the name "Frenchman" has already less impressed into the collective tool memory. The "nibbler", on the other hand, is a kind of hand punch that can be used to punch simple forms out of metal or cut sheet metal. Anyone who often works with sheet metal will certainly like the "Nibbler", as it is called in English.

Last: Nothing works without sound knowledge!

The handyman has all the tools he needs, the workshop is ready and he has time too? Then only the crucial inspiration is missing. With a sturdy notebook, smartphone or tablet case in a "masculine" design

Christmas for home improvement: The

on the construction site access to is also possible. Because only with a good guide it gets really good.

We wish you happy, male and of course also female holidays!

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