Christmas fretwork

Traditional fretworks

Traditional templates for Christmas fretwork show light arches, pyramids, spider spiders, light angels, miners, nutcrackers and smokers. Many of these motifs require a bit more skill with the jigsaw. But there are also easier motives for children. Many of the books listed here contain both: more complicated themes and simple templates. Thus, the whole family can tinker together in the run-up to Christmas.

Christmas fretwork: christmas

Handyman literature: Books with crafting templates for fretsawing

The classic craftwork in the Advent season are fretwork with Christmas motifs.

Required tools and material:

  • Jigsaw or scroll saw
  • many fretsaw blades (according to experience high wear)
  • Plywood panels in 3 or 4 mm thick or balsa wood
  • Hand drill (electric or manual)
  • Carbon paper for pausing or pencil / charcoal with parchment paper
  • Thumbtacks for attaching the template
  • sandpaper
  • If desired: colors for coloring, z. B. clearcoat

In addition to the usual tools and materials, the hobbyists but also always need original templates. A few free Christmas fretwork and woodwork templates can be found here.

Very general crafting templates for fretwork for every season, there are the Wood saw templates, If you do not find it there, there are also many cheap sample books to order. Below we have compiled suitable books for you with sample templates.

Jigsaw templates

in our blueprint, a whole page is dedicated to working with plywood. We have collected the best templates for fretwork and clearly structured. There is guaranteed something for everyone. Jigsaw templates

Filigree winter motives made of wood - Fancy fretwork for the home

Christmas fretwork: fretwork

Wood has always been a vital material for humans. He uses it as fuel, building material and in some regions even as food. However, wood also has a sensual aspect: it exudes cosiness and warmth and the processing of wood is still associated with balance and tranquility. The wooden decoration pieces from the craft book "Wintery Fretsawing" bring one cheerful and cozy atmosphere into the house and can be done with a jigsaw and a little dexterity yourself.

The jigsaw was End of the 18th century invented and characterized by the fact that not only straight but also round shapes can be sawed out. Their accuracy is ideal for wood motifs of all kinds. Without them, it would probably be impossible to saw off such filigree motifs as in "Wintery Jigsaws", for example mischievous Santa Clauses, uniformed nutcrackers or cuddly snowmen. Detailed instructions and many tips and tricks can succeed even more demanding motives.

In addition to window decorations and table lamps with winter motifs, the book offers many different jigsaw ideas for the whole apartment. The three-dimensional winter scenes or arches for the windowsill are even real small wood art works, which certainly meet the hobbyist when viewing certainly with pride. Anyone who can still part with it, however, also has a gift that could not be more personal.

Appeared in the naughty publisher:

Wintery fretsawing

32 pages, A5. perforated template sheets, pockets

ISBN 3-7724-3417-7

Cozy working - Heißa, soon is Christmas day!

Christmas fretwork: fretwork

Christmas fretwork: christmas

If a season invites to crafts, then it is the winter time. And especially for Advent and Christmas, it takes a lot of suggestions - after all, always come a lot of visitors, because you may not show the same decoration every year. The naughty publisher helps with this two new guidebooks: "Winter Decoration" from the Creative Library and "Christmas Wood Minis" - Both make you want to Christmas and jigsaws!

The proven cooperation of burda and TOPP delivers great ideas for sophisticated, original Christmas decorations for the cold season: Winter decoration brings a veritable wealth of instructions and templates - so you have guaranteed enjoy designing! It's time to bring the wintry mood into the house. Let the imagination run wild: punt snowmen, hard-working gnomes, dancing bears or funny wooden figures. Here, adults will get their money's worth with beautiful and sometimes sophisticatedly crafted decoration: Quite noble are colorful Christmas balls, oriental pillows or blue-white winter dream decoration. Also for garden, door and windows are suggestions - here nothing is left out, Christmas can come!

In the guidebook Christmas wood minis find even more suggestions for wooden figurines. Young and old will be thrilled - all steps are described in detail and easy to understand. Just wooden figurines are family work absolutely! Ideal for the winter time, when all close together again: dad saws, mum and the kids paint or glue the lovely angels and firs, the cheeky moose, cozy polar bears and snowmen. The minis are ideal for table and window decoration. Exactly the right thing, if you do not have so much space in the apartment. And they are a great addition to the country house style, which is so modern at the moment.

Appeared in the naughty publisher:


The creative library 4

160 pages, 21.5 x 24 cm, hardcover, templates in the book

ISBN: 978-3-7724-5124-9

Christmas wood minis

Monika Gaensler

32 pages, A5, perforated templates, slip-in covers

ISBN: 978-3-7724-3528-7

Christmas fretwork: templates

Fretwork on models from the Erzgebirge

Paperback - 32 pages - English publisher

author: Marianne Merakli

Release Date: 2002

ISBN: 3824111802

content: From the flat little Schwibbogen over multi-layered arc of light to the complex pyramid all requirements for the Jigsaw Artist are represented. Motifs: e.g. Miner, Nativity scene, Animal motifs, Christmas parlor, Wichtel 2 template sheets.

Christmas fretwork: fretwork

Christmas bows - Christmas fretwork

Paperback - 31 pages - Urania, Berlin

authors:Barbara Henkel, Rudolf Henkel

Release Date: 2002

ISBN: 332012746

Content: Traditional and modern arches, table lamps and various candlesticks. Motifs: e.g. Santa Claus in sledge with template bow.

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