Tinker Christmas Scrapbook Album

The scrapbook for Christmas moments

Tinker Christmas Scrapbook Album: album

An own Christmas Scrapbook Album tinker and hold the most beautiful Christmas moments in it.

The trend from America is particularly suitable for expressing very personal memories of the Christmas season. The scrapbook accompanies us through the Christmas season - baking cookies, pre-Christmas crafts and unpacking gifts.

So you can also look up later, what made the last Christmas so special: the recipe of the favorite cookies, the wish list to the Christ Child or the photo of the children under the Christmas tree. the imaginative figures There are no limits - because what you like is what you like!

material list

Many tools make it easy to decorate and design your own scrapbook.

  • photo corners
  • memo sleeves
  • Motivstanzer
  • Sticker
  • Masking Tape / Washi Tape
  • beads
  • rhinestones
  • Alphabet stencil
  • Scrap
  • And everything else that fits...

Various masking tape designs

Tinker Christmas Scrapbook Album: scrapbook

Masking tape, or too Washi tape is printed crepe tape, which is available in countless designs.

It is ideal for decorating photo albums, notebooks or scrapbooks. Also for Christmas occasions there are matching colors and patterns.

Tinker Christmas Scrapbook Album: album

Crafting tip of 3M and Scotch.

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