Make Christmas table and menu cards yourself

The common Christmas dinner is an occasion to use the good porcelain, to get the valuable silver cutlery out of the drawers, to polish the candlesticks, to artfully fold napkins

Make Christmas table and menu cards yourself: cards

and festively cover the table. This includes necessarily matching menu cards and place cards.

A special personal note gets the decoration with self-made menu cards and place cards. It does not take much for that. In most cases, some bows are colored cardboard and a good selection of pens, stamps or decorative ribbons, which are also known under the name Washi-band or Washi-Tape.

On this page you will find suggestions and instructions on how to make your own Christmas Menu cards and place cards can tinker. With these enchantingly designed cards you ensure order at the banquet table.

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Festive table card from a matchbox

Make Christmas table and menu cards yourself: christmas

  • 1 matchbox
  • Silver, golden and purple craft or wrapping paper
  • Motive punch "stars"
  • Purple gift ribbon
  • Sweets
  • A piece of golden wire
  • paper cards


Stick the matchbox with craft or wrapping paper. Use the motif punch to punch stars out of the paper and glue them onto the box. Decorate the box with a purple bow and fill the drawer with sweets. Make a small loop out of the wire, wrap it around the box or glue it with a drop of all-purpose glue. On a paper card, write the name of the guest and put it in the noose.

(A tinkeringipp from: Milka)

Make Christmas table and menu cards yourself: table


  • waxed paper
  • Golden paint pen
  • 1 wineglass
  • purple gift ribbon
  • punch
  • chocolate coins
  • silver glitter glue (optional)
  • Motive punch "stars" (optional)


From the wax paper narrow strips of 8x21 Cut out centimeters. Punch a hole in the hole at the top and thread through the ribbon. Label the menu card with the paint pen. Who likes can decorate the edge of the paper with a motif punch or glitter glue. Tie the finished menu card with the gift ribbon to the style of an upturned wine glass. On the upwardly pointing glass foot a small gift, z. B. a chocolate tavern, put.

(A tinkeringipp from: Milka)

Place card with decorative adhesive tapes

Make Christmas table and menu cards yourself: table


  • Cards made of cardboard in bright colors or gold
  • 1 sheet of cardboard in light color or gold
  • Gold or silver pin
  • decorative adhesive tapes
  • Washi tape (optional)
  • Stamp (optional)


For the place cards from the cardboard box, make rectangles of any size and fold them in half. Stick the card with the decorative tapes or washi tapes as you like. Who stamp with Christmas motives can also use these. Leave some space for the name of the guest. Finally, write the name of the guest on the table with the gold or silver pen.

Crafting tip of: 3M and Scotch (Trademarks of the 3M Company)

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