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(Aid) - Christmas trees are almost everywhere. But where can I find my splendid specimen and that for a reasonable price? The largest market share in the sale of Christmas trees now have the supermarket chains such as hardware stores, garden centers but also discounters and furniture stores. Who appreciates the comfortable shopping and the short distances, is right here. However, often only the standard Nordmanntanne range from 1 m to room height is available. The supermarket chains buy centrally, only from large producers, often from other European countries and can therefore often offer at very low prices. These trees come from highly intensive special crop farming.

Buy Christmas tree properly: trees

Buy Christmas tree

The flying dealer in the parking lot of a shopping market or an open air area in the city center is another source of shopping. Here you can find both the import tree from Denmark as well as the fir from the farmer from the region. Ask exactly. Because import trees are early, that is often already taken in early November. Associated with this is a higher risk that the festival trickles the needles on the carpet.

For those who have claims regarding tree species, freshness and pre-Christmas shopping experience, the forester or private forest owner or farmer is the right address. Agricultural and forestry companies, which market their self-grown trees directly, regularly have the freshest goods and often also a diverse assortment of different types of Christmas trees.

Fir trees, firewood or agricultural products are often offered. In some farms, you can choose his own fir in the conservation and fell. Suitable saws are usually provided. It really is not fresher. And for children, such an action in the wild is often even more interesting than the actual tree. Families enjoy the trip to the countryside as a pre-Christmas experience.

A time-saving and convenient way is shopping via the Internet shop. The trees are packed in cardboard protected and are delivered free domicile. Also as a gift for friends or business partners a good idea.

Even an artificial Christmas tree can be an alternative to the naturally grown tree. Since it can be reused every year, it eliminates unnecessary costs and transport in the long term.

If the Christmas tree is finally selected, you also need a Christmas tree stand. Sturdy models that can absorb a lot of fresh water are preferred here.

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