Cut fir tree - that's the way it works

Anyone who has planted his own Christmas tree is responsible for cutting back the tree during its growth. This often mistakes are made. How cutting fir trees works is explained in this article.

Care of fir trees

No matter if you have planted the tree in the garden or a small tree in the bucket - you can not avoid the most important care measures for the tree. This not only means professional fertilization or watering - but also regular pruning of fir trees.

Purpose of cutting

The cutting of the branches stimulates a fir to branch out further. If you want to make a beautifully dense Christmas tree out of your fir tree, you have to cut the branches regularly - and above all properly.

Only at the top you should be a little careful: Too keen cutting can cause the tree in the end produces two or three tips - which is not desirable in Christmas trees.

How much to cut?

As a rule, one can easily cut off a third of a shoot. Too little harms more than too much here. If you cut off too little, the growth stimulus will cease, and the tree will end up with an irregular shape.

When to cut?

As a rule, trees should always be cut back in their resting phase. This is with conifers in winter. In contrast to deciduous trees, their defense mechanisms also work in winter, so you do not need to dodge the summer as with deciduous trees.

plant section

immediate before planting the tree should also be cut. This is often forgotten or made too late. This is essential for a good development of the tree.

How to cut?

Especially young trees should be cut as pyramidal as possible. This means that the upper shoots are cut back more than the lower ones. In this way, the tree develops a uniform and uniformly dense shape. Make sure that you crop regularly.

Tips & Tricks

Especially when planting you should be absolutely courageous action. The less it stops, the more beautiful the tree is and the whole plant can be optimally supplied with nutrients.

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