Decorate Christmas tree of course - the best ideas

A Christmas tree does not always have to be hung with shiny balls or tinsel. Even a tree decorated with natural materials can often be very attractive and inviting. What you can use to decorate everything, and how you can make such decorations yourself, read in our post.

Various suitable natural materials

While glittering Christmas baubles and a string of lights are indispensable to the Christmas tree, others focus on natural materials. Again, there are many possibilities:

  • Wood
  • bark
  • spices
  • oranges
  • spigot
  • dried berries
  • salt dough

You can also produce many of these Christmas tree tags easily and inexpensively. The crafts in the Advent can be fun and keeps the children busy for a while.

Wooden trailer

If you are good with the scroll saw or the jigsaw or would like to learn it on this occasion, there is plenty of opportunity for crafting. Mini-window images made of matching wood make a wonderfully natural-looking Christmas tree decorations with very fine and high-quality optics.

Even skilful stars can be sawed out - for children, however, are less complicated forms such as hearts or bells. If you bring a lot of skill, you can also carve your trailer.

You can also spice up the wood with gold spray or paint, but wood usually looks best in its natural form.

Pendant made of bark

With pieces of bark that you cut and stick together if necessary, can also conjure up rustic and natural-looking pendant. Especially different star shapes often have a particularly attractive effect due to the irregular and cracked surface of the bark.

Spices for the Christmas tree

Bonded cinnamon sticks or dried orange slices, which are peppered with cloves, are not only a visually attractive alternative to the classic Christmas tree ball, but also give the Christmas tree a winter-Christmas scent that lasts for a long time.

Together with hazelnuts, these parts can also be put together to form interesting pendants. Or you cut an orange around with a few columns and hang it on the tree.


Cones and cones are also very suitable as a natural decoration for the Christmas tree. Here silver or gold spray often help in individual places to make the cones a little more decorative. But you can also use artificial snow very well.

Tips & Tricks

If you use dried berries, you can simply thread them onto a curved wire and get very natural looking and easy to make pendants in all shapes.

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