Decorating Christmas tree with candles - tree candles for the Christmas tree

The fir tree and its candlelights

Decorating Christmas tree with candles - tree candles for the Christmas tree: christmas

"Everywhere on the tops of the fir, I saw golden little light flash... "

Candles play a very special role at Christmas time. Because many people still rely on real tree candles for the Christmas tree or the Advent wreath. No wonder: the fire leaves the domestic four walls to appear in a contemplative light and beeswax candles provide a pleasant scent.

The setting up and decorating of the Christmas tree is the highlight of the Christmas preparations. The selection of jewelery is gigantic these days. But that was not always so.

Only the lights make the Christmas tree really Christmas. Their glow brings the colorful glass balls and the tinsel to shine and sparkle. And when the children unpack their gifts under the radiant tree with equally bright eyes, Christmas is perfect. The tree can either be lit with a fairy lights and electric Christmas lights or with real candles in the right light. The warm, pleasantly flickering light of an open flame makes the atmosphere really Christmas.

Christmas tree candles in red and white

The Christmas tree candles are available in the latest trend colors as well as in classic white. Candles made of or with beeswax smell wonderful honey and wake up childhood memories. Especially at Christmas, when many candles burn at the same time, the following applies: Watch out for candles with the RAL quality mark, because they burn soot-poor and smoke-free and contain no harmful substances.

If some safety instructions are observed The use of real Christmas tree candles is completely harmless: Burning candles must never be left alone, but must always be observed. In addition, candles should not be attached directly above one another and at least 15 cm apart. Also ideal is a tree with root ball, as it can be poured and does not dry out as fast as a "beaten" fir. For fire protection at Christmas, a fire extinguisher or a bucket filled with water should always be available.

Take care when handling tree candles!

The fir-tree candles always light from top to bottom and delete from bottom to top!

The tree as a festive decoration

The Christmas tree carries elaborate jewelry: Balls and glass jewelery in all colors and forms as well as tinsel sparkle around the bet. Straw stars, figures of all kinds and not least sweets are missing on almost no tree. The fir is crowned by a star or a Christmas tree top.

A electric light chain provides the necessary lighting, but only with real Christmas tree candles he also spreads the traditional, cozy Christmas atmosphere. No matter which candles you choose, the tree shines from Christmas Eve to January 6; in many places even until Lichtmess on 2 February.

LED Christmas Tree Candle

Decorating Christmas tree with candles - tree candles for the Christmas tree: tree

Every year the first candle is lit for the first Advent and thus heralds the pre-Christmas time, A great alternative to real tree candles are LED lights - but many are bothered by the countless cables and the fake light. The solution: Deceptively real LED candles without annoying cables. The cream-colored, romantic light fills the domestic four walls with warmth and love. Thanks to the ingenious plug-in technology, the LED lights can be attached not only to the Christmas tree but also in arrangements or at the window. And how convenient: the lighting can be controlled easily by remote control.

The agony of choice

The selection of Coniferous trees that adorn the living room for Christmas should, is great. Most Christmas trees are firs, the Nordmann fir for example is in about 16 million households every year. But other coniferous species such as spruce and blue spruce are in demand and come mostly from the Caucasus or Denmark. But also in the Sauerland as well as in Schleswig-Holstein small trees grow up to stately firs. In 2000 about 23 million Christmas trees were sold in Germany.

Every real conifer needs care: He has to be watered regularly so that he does not drop out of needles prematurely and he is not brown and bald already on Boxing Day. A cheap alternative is artificial, reusable fir trees: they come in many variations of plastic or metal.

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