Christmas tree decorations made of paper - creative ideas

Christmas tree decorations made of colored paper can be a good alternative to Christmas baubles and pendants. You can do a lot of that yourself quite easily - often together with the children. You will find the best ideas for paper decoration in the Christmas tree in our article.

Purchased Christmas tree decorations

You can also buy Christmas tree decorations made of paper and paper mache. For many manufacturers and retailers, white is the dominant color here, and the look and structure of paper ornaments makes it very suitable for a white Christmas tree.

Paper balls in a dense structure or pleated mini lanterns in round shapes can certainly be considered a good substitute for Christmas tree balls here. However, they should always be accentuated by a few silver balls to add a contrasting color to the white of the tree.

Make Christmas decorations out of paper yourself

If you want to make your own Christmas tree decorations, you can best use the traditional art of origami, the Japanese paper folding. Instructions can be found everywhere on the Internet, only required matching paper in square format. The size of the papers then determines the final size of the folded form.

The possibilities for Christmas tree decorations are incredibly diverse here:

  • different, three-dimensional stars
  • Balls and balls
  • Flowers and white cranes

Especially impressive are the folded tags when using metallized paper. As a result, many forms really come into their own.

Origami paper comes in many different styles and colors, sizes vary. Sheets and metallized sheets in gold and Sillber are usually available from around 0.30 EUR per sheet, ordinary colored paper is still much cheaper: you only have to pay around 0.10 EUR per sheet for high-quality variants.

Folding itself is not difficult, but you have to work very precisely to get a really nice end result. Let yourself at the beginning to practice some time and to internalize the basic folding types (Gegenknick and others). Over time, wrinkles will always be easier. Most manuals are very easy to follow because origami instructions always provide very detailed steps.

Tips & Tricks

Silhouettes can also be an interesting decoration for the Christmas tree. Snowflakes, snowflakes, rosettes and stars are so easy to produce, but even more complicated patterns such as silhouette images or window pictures are well suited as tree decorations.

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