Rent Christmas tree - how does it work?

The slogan "rent instead of buy" also applies to Christmas trees - and rental trees have actually become very popular in recent years. How this works and where you can rent his Christmas tree, you will learn in detail in our contribution.

Problem with Christmas trees

Around 25 million Christmas trees are bought each year - and then often land in the garbage just a week later. Because of the high demand, the demanded fir trees are often raised in less ecological monocultures. Many trees are also from the "Christmas tree" Denmark and are transported over long distances.

For ecological reasons as well as for the space requirements that such plantations have to produce purely for disposable consumption, the traditional way is not really desirable.

Reusable Christmas trees

The easiest solution would be to simply raise a Christmas tree in a pot and reuse it every year. That's not easy though. Many of the purchased potted trees you can hardly bring to survive.

The problem is that when planting in the pot, the roots of many Christmas trees are simply brutally "chopped". The remaining root system is then too small and too damaged, so that the tree can grow again.

Unfortunately, as a buyer, you can see that only long after the purchase. The expensive bought potted tree is just good for a season.

Solution: rent Christmas tree

In many countries, including Switzerland and the UK, rental trees have long been established. Only a few nurseries and nurseries offer this service.

The trees are delivered before the festival and picked up again after Christmas. Then they come back to the field, where they are allowed to continue growing for the rest of the year. This ensures that most of the trees can actually be "rescued" and ready for reuse next year.

Care when setting up

For the tenant there is a lot to consider:

  • The tree must be watered regularly
  • Tinsel and artificial snow must not be used
  • the place of installation must be far enough away from the heater

If the landlord does not provide acclimatization of the tree (so that he can gradually get used to the heat), then the tenant of the Christmas tree must do the same - and place the tree in a cool (10° C) location for 1 - 2 days, before he is finally allowed into the parlor.

Cost of renting

The prices and rental conditions may vary. On the one hand, the tree species and tree height play a significant role in the price, on the other, of course, the delivery route.

Prices start from around 65 EUR for a 1.50 m high tree, but may well be well above 100 EUR for some providers. Very tall trees can often cost more than 200 EUR rent. In many cases, you can borrow the appropriate Christmas tree ornaments - for an extra charge - even now.

Ready-decorated trees were also in demand earlier - especially in hotels or businesses. There the tendency is still rising, now also the private households come to it.

Tips & Tricks

Due to the high costs and strict specifications, the purchased Christmas tree remains the much cheaper alternative. So soon nothing will change.

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