Christmas tree in the pot - where to get it and how to care for it

The idea is becoming more and more prevalent: instead of buying a new Christmas tree every year, many are thinking of simply plugging in and reusing the Christmas tree. Where to get such trees, what they cost and what kind of care they need, read our article.

Cost of a Christmas tree in the pot

You can get trees in the pot from around 40 EUR. As a rule, the trees are then between 80 and 100 cm tall. Particularly popular - as well as in the felled Christmas trees - here are the Nordmann firs.

Depending on the nursery, the trees can be up to 120 cm or even 140 cm high - but usually you will have to settle for a smaller tree in the pot.


If you manage to bring the tree over the year, the investment is worthwhile after a few years. However, since there is a certain risk of failure here, the trees are not automatically cheaper than a newly purchased fir-tree every year.

From an ecological point of view, the purchase is well worth it, as fewer Christmas trees have to be used for an annual harvest in low ecological monocultures.

Reusing the Christmas tree

In the frequently sold Nordmann firs, the chance of re-using at all is very small. Firs form extensive roots, which are often easily cut to fit in the pot.

If the fir after the festival in a larger container repotted, the trimmed and damaged root system is often not enough to keep the tree actually alive. Even when planting in the field, the chances of survival are then not much better.

This problem is particularly likely to occur when the fir is raised in the field and then later put into a pot for sale. For firs, which was pulled in the pot from the outset, the forming root is adapted to the pot.

Transplantable firs

If the root ball is sufficiently large and has enough fiber hair, planting can be attempted. The firmer the bale, the better the chance that the fir survives grafting.

Usually this is only the case if a tree is no taller than 1.20 m. With larger trees, there is usually too little room left in the pot to provide sufficient roots for the supply.

Reuse spruce

Slightly less problematic in this respect are spruce species, such as the popular blue spruce. Even though they have grown taller, their root system is usually less developed. If they are planted with root, you can survive quite often.

Proper care

In any case, the tree should be placed in a sufficiently large container after the festival. Only then can enough roots develop, so that the tree survives.

Especially important is the regular watering. Even small trees may well need several liters of water per day. Before you put the tree in the bucket outside you should slowly get used to colder temperatures. It is best to place it in a cool room until spring and then outside.

When the tree is brought in for Christmas, you should definitely allow it 1 - 2 days to acclimatize in a cool room (around 10° C). In addition, attention should be paid to shadows and windbreaks.

The same applies before resetting to the outside. Again, the tree takes a while to cope with the temperature shock.

Important when setting up

Under no circumstances should the tree be placed near a heater. The cooler the place of installation, the better. Regular watering with sufficient water and daily sprinkling of the needles with a nebulizer are also mandatory. This is the only way to prevent the tree from drying out.

In the pot, the tree should be set up for a maximum of 10 days in heated rooms. The shorter this time, the lower the risk that the tree will be damaged.

If the tree is dug out of the garden and set in a pot only for the festival, you must make sure when digging that you do not damage the root ball. Before the tree is then set up, you should dip the root ball completely in water until no more air bubbles rise. Then the tree has enough water to cope with even smaller "dry spells".

Christmas trees for rent

Nurseries and nurseries are increasingly offering potted trees "on loan". They are delivered just before Christmas, they can be set up and decorated, and after Christmas, the company picks them up again.

With this variant, you also save the time-consuming care during the year - and the expert trees are also really in good hands, are properly maintained and can grow in peace.

Tips & Tricks

Rental trees are certainly the easiest solution. This saves you time-consuming care and multiple repotting.

Video Board: Caring for a Potted Live Christmas Tree