Christmas tree stand

Christmas tree stand

Which Christmas tree stand is the right one?

Previously, Christmas tree stands were extremely impractical to use and often led to the infamous family quarrels for Christmas. Especially the adjustment of the Christmas tree was very difficult to realize with the old screw-tree stands and it took forever, until the tree finally stood straight.

Fortunately, the progress has not stopped in front of the Christmas tree stand and there are now a number of tree stand systems that are extremely easy to use for laymen. To make sure that it does not come to an emergency purchase shortly before the festival, you should probably think about the right Christmas tree stand in November.

If you are already the proud owner of a tree stand, you should check early if the stand is still fully functional. If it turns out that a new purchase is necessary, there is a small purchase advice for Christmas tree stand.

Pay attention to safety when buying a Christmas tree stand

When buying a Christmas tree stand, always pay attention to the safety seal of approval and in case of doubt, access the quality goods. In addition to the harmlessness of the individual screw and ratchet levers of the Christmas tree stands systems plays in the selection of the right tree stand, of course, first and foremost stability a major role. The decorated Christmas tree must not fall over even with light touches. Benefits here are fillable Christmas tree stands, as discussed below.

The different types of Christmas tree stands

1. Christmas tree stand with clamping screws
At the Christmas tree stand with clamping screws, the tree is fixed with a screw system. Usually there are three or four thumbscrews that need to be turned into the trunk.

Many know this tree stand from their childhood. For just these nostalgic reasons dominate in the trade in the screw Christmas tree stands also the classic motifs in cast iron and metal look, which sometimes have a very noble look and fit well with classic tree jewelry.

But such a cast-iron Christmas tree stand is not easy to use. If you want to set up the Christmas tree, you have to crawl cumbersome under the tree with its scratchy branches. Tightening the trunk under the tree then requires a little more effort.

Most fixation in the screw tree stand is better if the whole family helps, and several people hold the tree. And since it can take a long time for the tree to really stand straight, it helps to observe the current status of tree alignment by neutral witnesses, even though this approach carries some risk to family peace at Christmas.

If your tree stand is too complicated for you: just take your Christmas tree stand with you to buy a Christmas tree. Many Christmas tree vendors are happy to help with fixing the tree. Then just carry the finished adjusted tree home with the stand.

2. Christmas tree stand with clamping mechanism

In this Christmas tree stand variant, the tree is fixed with the jaws and a pedal or a crank.

An example of such a Christmas tree stand is the metal stand "terra bronce" by Heibi. The Christmas tree is simply placed in the tube receiving and clamped by kicking on the pedal. Just as easily, the tree can be solved again. The tree is adjusted with a centering pin.

3. Christmas tree stand with cable technology and water tank

In the cable technology, the tree is clamped by a foot lever in a wire rope with clamps. These Christmas tree stands are considered very user-friendly and safe. At the same time, the tree stands supply the Christmas tree with water.

The tree stand "Bad Tölz"

An example of the simple cable technology is this Christmas tree stand "Bad Tölz" by Krinner. It is suitable for trees up to 250 cm. The trunk diameter can be up to 12 cm. Overall, the Christmas tree stand in traditional wood material has a footprint of 47 cm in diameter. The untreated wood makes the tree stand very natural and rustic. Unfortunately, the water tank was only relatively small here.

Note "good" in the Christmas tree stand test
Another example of water-filled Christmas tree stands is the Krinner V-Basic. An important detail is also the safety of dismantling the Christmas tree when the party is over.

The locking ratchet of the V-Basic tree stand can be released step by step without the tree immediately being completely loose. This also makes it easier to readjust the tree when setting it up. The Stiftung Warentest also found this in their big Christmas tree stand comparison test and gave this V-Basic the overall grade "good" (2,2) in the issue 12/2005.

Test winner at the Christmas tree stand test in "Guter Rat"
The larger brother, Christmas tree stand Krinner V4, also received a "Good" rating of 2.3 at Stiftung Warentest - the well readable water level indicator was especially praised.

From the magazine "Guter Rat" this Christmas tree stand even the "favorite of the test team" chose, because even trees up to 3 meters in height could be easily set up by an individual. However, the "officially recommended height" is 'only' at 2.70 meters.

Incidentally, Stiftung Warentest advises against using the maximum amount. So stay with the tree purchase below the recommended maximum limit of your Christmas tree stand.

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