Christmas tree stand comparison 2018

Purchase advice on the Christmas tree stand comparison or test 2018

  • Christmas tree stands ensure that our Christmas trees survive the holidays safely and steadily in their living room. Many stands have a water tank that keeps the tree fresh in the heated room for as long as possible.
  • One differentiates fir tree stands in particular on the basis of their technical functionality. In terms of safety and handling, Christmas tree stands with rope clamping technology are ahead and dominate the German market.
  • For reasons of nostalgia, some people prefer special Christmas tree stands, which are made of special materials and today belong to collector's items, such as rotating Christmas tree stands with a music box.

Christmas tree stand comparison 2018: comparison

Every year, just in time for the holidays, he takes his place in our living rooms: the Christmas tree on the Christmas tree cover. He should be above all one with the Germans:from real branches and needles, In 2016, a proud 62% said in a poll of PoSpulse to buy a real Christmas tree. But it's not done with that. In order to enjoy the fir or spruce as long as possible and at the same time to provide the necessary security in your own four walls, you need a suitable tree stand.

In our Christmas tree comparison 2018, we compared popular models from different manufacturers for you and tell you what is important when buying the best Christmas tree stand. We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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1. Christmas tree stands have a long tradition

Antique Christmas tree stand

Antique tree stands are particularly popular with collectors. So there are e.g. Christmas tree stand with music slowly turning to songs like "Silent Night, Holy Night" on its own axis. Such Christmas tree stands with music box were first produced in 1873 by the company Eckhardt near Stuttgart. Today, these rare collectibles for z.T. sold over a thousand euros on the Internet.

Special stands for the Christmas tree have been around for a long time. Thus, early references to wooden Christmas tree stands were already made in the early 17th century, with which the annually decorated Christmas tree was kept in place. From the middle of the 19th century, heavy cast iron stands were made, which are still known today as part of traditional Christmas decoration.

This cast one-piece variant was for a long time the predominant kind of Christmas tree stands in German living rooms. The models have a recess in the middle, in which the trunk of the Christmas tree is positioned and fixed with screws.

Christmas tree stand comparison 2018: tree

The adornment of the Christmas tree on the Christmas days: For many, this is just the place for Christmas.

This changed abruptly in 1990, when the Bavarian farmer Klaus Krinner the first Christmas tree stand with the so-called"Einseilspanntechnik" brought to the market. Krinner himself came up with the revolutionary idea during the laborious setting up of his own Christmas tree, instead of holding the Christmas tree in place with screws with only a single wire rope around. This not only went much faster, but also made sure that the Christmas tree was safer in the stand.

Since this invention, the Christmas tree stand with Einseilspanntechnik dominated the market. Krinner estimates that 99% of all Christmas trees in German living rooms use this technology. But even if this estimate should be a bit high, have Christmas tree stand with the rope clamping technology significant advantages over traditional stands with screws:

  • safer in the state
  • can be set up by only one person
  • effortless and quick setup
  • greater latitude in the trunk thickness
  • lighter weight
  • mostly made of plastic
  • less nice look

2. Different types of Christmas tree stands

But not only between the traditional, cast iron and the modern Christmas tree stands there are significant differences. In the following, we would like to introduce you to the most common types of Christmas tree stands:

stand technologydescription

Christmas tree stand comparison 2018: christmas

Here the trunk of the Christmas tree is placed in the central opening. Then this is fixed with three to four thumbscrews (depending on the model). The screws are then drilled laterally in the trunk.

nice look

good durability

high weight of the stand

at least two people needed for the construction

complicated structure - much readjustment necessary

unsuitable for very thick logs

terminal technology

Christmas tree stand comparison 2018: stand

In this technique, the clamps are pushed apart by means of a foot lever. Subsequently, the tree is positioned vertically in the stand on a mandrel. Thereafter, the clamps are detected with the lever, so that the tree is fixed. To open the Christmas tree stand, the lever is pressed again.

relatively light and fast construction

can be set up by one person alone

lighter weight

not particularly safe (only selectively secured)

Readjusting cumbersome - Christmas tree stand must be fully opened each time

Cable technology

Christmas tree stand comparison 2018: comparison

This technique works similar to the clamping technique using a foot lever. Here, however, there is also a fixed by brackets wire rope, which encloses the tree in addition to the punctual stop and thus gives it more support.

relatively light and fast construction

can be set up by one person alone

especially safe stand

lighter weight

Step mechanism ensures safety when opening

Readjustment cumbersome

3. Our buying advice: You should pay attention to this

Each category of Christmas tree stand has its own individual advantages and disadvantages. However, which Christmas tree stand is best for your four walls depends on several factors and your individual needs for the product. However, there are some criteria that you should pay particular attention to when buying.

3.1. The right material

Christmas tree stand comparison 2018: 2018

Outdoor Christmas Tree Stand: Not every Christmas tree stand or Christmas tree stand is suitable for the garden or for the terrace.

Christmas tree stands are available in many material versions. In particular, the already mentioned tree stand made of cast iron or wrought iron usually have a traditional charm and are often designed visually elaborate. However, these have the disadvantage that they are particularly heavy. As a result, after the Christmas season, they can be stowed away less well and transported worse.

Wooden Christmas tree stands are also popular. However, they are not suitable for Christmas trees, which are placed in the garden or on the terrace and there are exposed to a possible downpour. For outdoor Christmas trees, you should rather rely on Christmas tree stand made of metal, ceramic, brass or steel.

3.2. The tree size

Christmas tree stand comparison 2018: 2018

Especially when buying a Christmas tree stand for very large trees you should pay attention to a sufficiently large stand to prevent falling over of the tree.

You should also make sure that the stand for the Christmas tree is the right size, so that it can provide your tree with the optimum stability. You should not underestimate the tree height or the weight of a Christmas tree. So a Nordmann fir with a height of 2 meters can be quite heavy by 10 - 12 kg. The bigger and heavier the Christmas tree is, the bigger and more stable the stand should be. Also, round tree stands are usually more stable than, for example, those with a triangular shape.

In particular, when choosing a Christmas tree stand for tall trees up to 6 meters, you should therefore pay close attention to the manufacturer's specifications regarding maximum size and weight of the tree. If in doubt: It is better, the Christmas tree stand is a little too big than too small.

For a screwed-up stand, bumps and small branches at the end of the trunk should be milled away by the Christmas tree vendor to allow the trunk to fit into the stand. It may even make sense to take the stand with you for purchase and have the trunk adapted for you on site. The disadvantage is that trees absorb water through the bark and this is only possible with a milled trunk.

3.3. The water tank for freshness

In order to keep the Christmas tree fresh for as long as possible and not to start needling quickly, it should always be supplied with water. There are Christmas tree stand with water tank, in which you can fill after setting up water. It is particularly convenient if the stand also has a water level indicator. So you always know how much water the tree still has and when it is time to refill water.

Tip: To guarantee even longer freshness, we recommend spraying the tree with a little water every day!

4. Christmas tree stand in test: These models are ahead

Do it yourself

Christmas tree stand comparison 2018: comparison

You would like to make a Christmas tree stand yourself? No problem! With a little skill, the right instructions and the right materials, you can also build a Christmas tree stand yourself. As a suggestion, you will find a simple guide here.

Stiftung Warentest has already tested Christmas tree stands twice. In the Christmas tree stand test in issue 12/2003, both a model with screw technology as well as a model with rope tensioning technology with the respective test grade of 2.1 were in front. Christmas tree test winners here were a wrought iron stand from the Heibi brand and a wooden Christmas tree stand from Krinner. Both models were not very cheap - the Heibi stand was 68 € and the Krinner stand 50 €.

In the test 11/2005 only Christmas tree stands were examined in the test, which were operated with rope tensioning technology. Again, a model of the brand Heibi test winner. However, the much cheaper products did not fare bad either. Taillight was a Christmas tree stand for 14 €, but still got the grade 3.0.

In a recent test of the Norddeutsche Rundfunk from 2016 even models from the discounter were ahead. For example, a Christmas tree stand by Aldi scored very well for € 14.99, which was identical to an Obi Christmas tree stand and cost around € 10 less. This shows: Whether Christmas tree stand by Lidl or Christmas tree stand by Aldi - the products from the discounter are not necessarily worse than expensive premium products.

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