Christmas Tree: What care is needed?

Both the felled Christmas tree and the potted need a little care in the time they decorate the room. What you should do, and how to prevent premature needles, you will find in our article.

Needles of Christmas trees

When a Christmas tree throws off its needles, the end of life is reached. Since it is usually important to keep a Christmas tree beautiful and attractive as long as possible, this point should be postponed as much as possible.

This requires a little care. This starts with the storage of the Christmas tree. Other factors also play an important role:

  • the place of installation
  • the room temperature
  • the water supply

Proper storage

As Long You can store a Christmas tree before setting up, depends essentially on the respective tree species.

Most spruces (except blue spruce) are particularly short-lived after felling and should therefore not be bought and stored too long before Christmas.

With the popular Nordmann firs, on the other hand, assuming correct storage, there are no problems for a few weeks. What you have to consider when storing everything, read in detail in this post.

Installation Site

As a place of installation, you should always choose a point in the room that is as far away from the heating as possible. If you place the tree right next to the heater, you can even begin to need some tough trees within a few days. That means a lot of cleaning.

room temperature

In general, around 10° C would be the optimal temperature for a Christmas tree when it comes to durability. Since it is difficult to celebrate Christmas in rooms with such temperatures, the only compromise is to keep the room temperature as low as possible when setting up the tree. Overheated or very warm rooms should be avoided.

water supply

It is important to pour a potted tree sufficiently. Many trees may even need several liters of water per day. The higher the room temperature and the drier the air in the room, the more water the tree needs.

Even felled Christmas trees should put you in the water. This keeps the tree fresh longer. Additives in the water (glycerine, sugar, cut flower additive) can do without any problems, they do not extend the life of the tree effectively.

Tips & Tricks

You should leave a potted tree in the heated room for a maximum of 10 days - after that it should be returned to a cool place. Before putting it outside, allow it to acclimatize for a few days at around 10° C room temperature.

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