Decorate Christmas tree white - the best ideas

A Christmas tree decorated in white not only looks classy and of high quality, but also underlines the Christmas atmosphere around the tree. The best tips for your white Christmas tree can be found in our article.

White as the main color

When decorating the Christmas tree, there should always be a main theme of color. White is very suitable here, as it brings a very elegant look and at the same time a wintry note into the room.

The contrasting color of the white tree is especially good for silver. It livens up the slightly uniform white a little and at the same time adds radiant and sparkling accents to the tree.

Especially in very bright or very rustic (used-optic) furnished rooms you can make the tree even more pronounced by the use of artificial snow or frost effect color. This is not always suitable for all rooms and furnishing styles, but often fits very well. Artificial snow and frost effect paint are often available for little money in the specialized trade.

Whether you spray only the tips of the branches or a large part of the tree depends on the rest of the design. For living Christmas trees, you should be more careful with this type of decoration - most trees can not stand it very well.

White blue

A good combination possibility is also a bright, very cold blue dar. Similar to silver, it is a well-fitting contrast color to the rather uniform white. In addition, it harmonizes quite well with the glittering silver.

Use such contrasts only sparingly and do not make the tree too "colorful". Single, carefully placed effects are enough here.

Decoration density

For the white Christmas tree you have to decorate a bit more densely than for other color themes in order to achieve a clear visual effect. In the white-decorated fir-tree, the decoration stands in the foreground, the tree deliberately receding into the background with its dark green.

Keep this in mind when choosing Christmas tree ornaments - they will need a little more than you would otherwise buy. When choosing, try to put on some interesting materials and put white and silver in the right proportion.

Tips & Tricks

White ribbons or luscious ribbons can be used to highlight a white Christmas tree. Frosty balls or artificial icicles also look pretty good as decorative elements on a white Christmas tree.

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